Monday, 28 April 2014

New In: Spring/Summer Haul (Primark + Others) | Holy Chic

Well I have a pretty big haul for you all today. There may be more one or two more fashion hauls coming up in the near future but basically, I needed to shop and I did exactly that. Sometimes these things are mandatory.

First up I have a few makeup pieces, jewellery and shoes.

 I picked up some of the cosmetic rounds in Primark because they are amazing value for money and you can never have too many of them. I also got the exfoliating facial wipes and their nail polish in a grey colour. I also picked up a pack of earrings for £2 and those brown coloured cork wedges at £12 and they are amazing and comfortable.

Next are some bikini sets. A nice bright and almost festival inspired bikini top and a lighter palm tree/paradise inspired on. All tops were £6 and the bottoms were £4.

For some reason, I felt like I needed new bags. Because I won these, do I qualify to be a grown up now? The one on the left is from Primark and is great because of enough pockets, main zip and adjustable long strap and only for £12. The other one is from a stand in my shopping centre and I paid £20 for it and I just fell in love with it. It’s a shame it isn’t black but this allow me to branch out a bit.

Okay to the left I picked up a multi patterned t-shirt dress and I have to get more of these because they are so comfy and effortless and only £6. To the right of that, I picked up a high-low hemline top because it was simple and very me (ish). And I think it was £6. I also picked up a vintage skirt which I love the fit but I think I am going to pick up a different one to replace it. But nonetheless, it’s amazing and only £10.

Next I got some blue paradise inspired palazzo pants and never thought I would love them so much. They are so light, airy and comfy and only £12. I also picked up a maroon coloured maxi skirt from a local store and was £10. I also got some navy ¾ length shorts and £7. And finally a authentic box from evolution stores and was I believe £12.50 but I use this to store my spare jewellery in and other bits and pieces.

Onto the last two items now. First, the dress was on sale from £15 reduced to £7 and it is so bold, daring and out of my comfort zone and I just had to get it. I also picked up a plain black sheer shirt as a staple in my wardrobe and that was £10.

So there you have it. (this post made me extra happy because my toolbar appeared and I was able to make all of the pictures the same size for you :) I really hope I don't jinx it). I realise that I bought a lot of stuff but it’s for the summer and I could resist Primark and other things in the shopping centre. I hope you liked this and tell me in the comments if you have picked up anything recently or if there is something you see that you like.

That is it from me today but until next time...

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See you guys with a new post really soon!


Stay chic - A x


  1. Aw, nice purchases! I like the bags the best! :)

    1. awh thank you! glad you liked the post :) xox


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