Sunday, 23 November 2014

Through a lens #1 | Holy Chic

It is finally the return of one of my favourite posts to do. My week through a lens, and although my weeks are never that particularly interesting, I enjoy the challenge of trying to find a small(ish) number of pictures to detail my week to you :)

1. I am now calling myself a certified chef. I tried my hand at some French toast which tasted way better than it looked and I made a spinach omelette with toast. Yum!

2. I finally made it to my 5000 word count for my EPQ and it honestly was a very joyous moment for me

3. I am just forever waiting at the bus stop. Sometimes my bus just takes too long to come

4. For some reason, I had the urge to rewatch 90210 and I am just loving every second of it. It feels like I have never watched it before

5. The chunky knit scarf came out because it’s getting too cold for my liking but also, sneak peek from an outfit post coming soon J scarf: new look ring: Primark Hoodie: Primark

I’ve come to realise as this post draws to a close that me weeks are pretty darn boring and I honestly thought I had more pictures. But fear not, some pictures had to be excluded for up and coming posts.

Tell me something you did this week below :)

Have a great day

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