Thursday, 20 November 2014

Is your food Instagram worthy? | Holy Chic

Food. Idealised and cherished. Something we all need to eat to survive. Something that people love. Something where all the good stuff is bad for you and all the bad stuff is good for you. Something that there are lots of different recopies to create the ever so desired food. But when you put the word instagram in front of the word food, Google is bound to give you very different results.

There seems to be something about making your food more instagram worthy. From recipes on YouTube to the food dedicated instagram accounts. There seems to be something so tasty and nice looking about healthy food on Instagram with immaculate presentation.

If you think about it, putting up a picture of your McDonalds is not as appealing as some of the pictures of like a water melon fruit bowl. (I must admit, sometimes a picture of a whole pizza makes my mouth water) but sometimes, I crave the healthy stuff. Like avocado with egg and black pepper on a slice of toast or a salad with feta cheese and tomatoes. Just look at it. Sometimes it’s even juices that look more appealing than a can of coke.

So is social media giving society a test, or moulding the types of food we upload to instagram or any social media site for that matter? Are you guilty of uploading your food because it was instagrammable? Or is it only healthy food that makes the instagram worthy list?

I wanna know your thoughts below 

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