Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A cup of makeup essentials | Holy Chic

As much as do love having a good old cup of tea, I also have a cup of my everyday essentials that I use to get ready with in the morning

Make up wipes because what would a girl be without them. I like to keep them just beside the cup in case of makeup mishaps and wiping away product off of the back of my hand.

Scissors might be a strange one but I usually use this to cut the makeup wipe in half to save the pennies and the product

Next I have my Nspa primer which I have more details about here if you want to know more about it but this I usually interchange with other primers. It just depends on what mood I am in

Next I have some tools including a spooley brush for those unshaped eyebrows which I did a small post on here. And angled eyeliner brush because it felt like chilling there and just a small eyeshadow brush which I usually use for my black matte eyeshadow during the winged eyeliner application process which again I have more details about here

Next, something I swore I would never use but with recent events, I have now had to, the Maybelline fit me foundation. Now this most definitely does not ‘fit me’ but it’s all I got and I really don’t have a tonne of cash to spend on a foundation/concealer. But it does what I need it to do for now and I’m okay with that. A post more on this will be out soon.

The eyelash curlers. Something I thought I could live without but this brand proved me wrong. It’s something that has just slipped into my routine and now I just feel odd if I haven’t done it. Oh and these are by eyeko and were a freebie in a magazine.

My garnier eye roll on is another one of those products that I feel weird about if it hasn’t been applied to my face. It cools and refreshes the eyes and that’s all I really need it to do personally

Up top I have my eyeko liquid eyeliner and my master precise by Maybelline eyeliner which I have been using the maybeline one more because it’s awesome but the eyeko one has decided to start working but I just slipped it in there.

I also have my Clinique high impact mascara which I adore and have to do a post dedicated to it really. Gives great length and separation.

And finally I have my model co eyeliner which I use if I really am in the mood for eyeliner too but I have to see how I feel usually.

And of course my mug which was a Christmas present from a while ago now but it is Forever Friends and it came in handy

So there you go, a cup full of my everyday essentials. Tell me what yours and let me know how you store them below :)

Have a great day people and I will see you all very soon. Bye :)

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