Monday, 10 November 2014

I was a little lost | life, blogging and everything in between

This my attempt at sharing things and opening up with you guys. Something I am just horrifically terrible at so here goes nothing

Life: I spent the first good month of my academic year if you will crying my eyes out. Shocker, I know. I was just so unhappy with life, school, friends and the aftermath of AS exams. Let’s just say I lost one of my bestest friends to them and I thought I would be able to handle it a lot better than I did. But I joined a group of people which I won't share too much on because it’s very personal to me but since I joined, my world seems to have flipped...for the better. I have made some amazing friendships and refuelled some existing ones, met the most amazing colleagues that I can all call friends and make me feel like I have a social life again and for that I will be forever grateful. I am 10x happier, 10x more confident and 10x the person I ever was (well almost. There is still work to be done :P)
In other news I have decided what course I want to do for uni and I made that decision based on what I want to do with my life and I tried not to be anyone else’s version of me. I think this is called doing what makes you happy and if it is this, then this feels awesome. I am now just eagerly awaiting that next chapter of my life which fingers crossed if I knuckle down will go to plan. I'm still having driving lessons and I know they have been going on for yonkers but I'm getting there slowly but surely. And I am now on the hunt for a job because I just need money to live on. I mean, who doesn’t?  I feel I have matured in a way that I am ready for big changes and turning 18. (I have a long way to go but a girl can still count down right?)

All I can say is that right now life is pretty freaking awesome.

Blogging: now I know I haven't been on my blogging game much but I can assure it’s for good reason. Whilst drowning in a levels, multiple essays and my recently busy schedule, something had to take a back seat and unfortunately it was blogging.  I'm not going to stop doing it that’s for sure but once I get a new schedule all written up (which is in the works), things should be going back to normal.
New directions? Over a year into blogging now, I feel I have fully discovered what blogging is and with a slight growth in my audience, I know that I want to do more with my blog and showcase more than just fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. I'm slowly going to start introducing more photography posts, opinionated posts and perhaps sharing my love of writing scripts, stories, film and the media. So this is your warning so be prepared for that.
And I'm working on new blog design but I don't think even god knows how long that’s going to take :P

So there you go. My life recently rolled up into one big blah on the internet. I hope you don’t mind an incredibly long and text heavy post just this once but I think it’s important to share with you guys :)

Hope you are all having an amazing day/week and I will be back with a post very soon. New stuff is heading your way.

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