Friday, 7 November 2014

The dream living room | Holy Chic

I got an email recently (which is always an exciting thing for a blogger) setting me a challenge for  Modani Modern Furniture – one which I was very excited to take up.

My task: to put my spin on designing a living room. Well they had me at designing. Interior design is always something I have admired on the side and with university fast approaching and a new room, why not brush up on my interior design skills.

I really am over the whole white everything trend I have seen in numerous Youtubers houses but, I am definitely all for the muted look making it suitable for all seasons. I centred my living room design around grey and mustard yellow. Some say cliché but I say well there’s a reason for it.

The sofa is always the centre piece of the living room along with the TV and its stand (both of which the sofa and stand are to be grey) and I think and if you take Joey’s (from friends) logic into consideration, they will be of equal distance apart – opposites attract.

Two side tables in mustard yellow for a burst of colour and autumnal feel into the room because you need somewhere to prop your drink. And with a book case to match for the endless dvd nights and two floor lamps for when you don’t want to leave the sofa to switch on the main light, I feel it screams cosy and comfy.

Guests are always something to consider in the living room as it’s the socialising area. I picked out two grey chairs to go on either ends of the room and some cool toned pillows to tie the mustard yellow in as furnishings. And a fun lettered pillow because I think it would look nice on the main sofa.

I finished the room with a grey shaggy rug and wood finish shelves which I think will add a simplistic, effortless look and will be good for displaying the knick knacks.

And finally, the item to tie it all together and to add more depth to the room, a mirror placed horizontally above the corner sofa because what is a day without seeing what you look like just once.

Now I don’t like to toot my own horn but in my head this really is a living room I would want to have.   
You can check out any of the decor or furniture pieces I featured at their modern furniture stores in person or through the virtual tours of each showroom.

Thanks again to Modern Furniture Stores for the challenge and you should go and check out their website for some inspiration if you are in the midst of designing your new flat/house.
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  1. i love grey in a living room! i love that sofa so simple yet so nice!

    1. awh thank you so much! i'm glad you liked it :)


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