Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Holiday Haul | Holy Chic

hello again!

I am back with another holiday themed post and today it’s a haul which I must admit, I was hesitant to upload this because I didn’t even buy a lot and everything is crazy expensive out there and I ended up buying anything because I knew I wouldn’t get the same rate for my money when I came back.

But with moaning aside, here is what I got


A sarong. I have needed one of these for a bagillion years and this is a really vibrant orange perfect for summer with tanned legs and has a ‘sexy’ silt on the side as the woman in a shop said – 10$


Coffee and hot chocolate. An odd purchase but it is organic and home grown and both drinks are to die for. They add cinnamon to it to take the harsh aftertaste away – 10$ each


The body shop tea tree pore minimiser. God knows how much this is in the UK but it was in duty free for 7$ and I couldn’t pass up something that has been on my lust list for a while


Chocolate. No surprises there. These are the kinder bars with cereal pieces and they taste yummy – 7$


A seventeen magazine because I have never owned one and Demi was on the front and she was screaming at me telling me to buy her as I was walking away from the shop – 9$ (is it just me or is that crazy expensive)


And finally a little treat in Victoria’s secret of the amber romance collection with a cool makeup bag – 22$ (smells awesome btw)

Shocker, that’s it! It’s just too expensive to go shopping there and not a lot to buy but I am happy with the items I picked up J

Have a great rest of your day J

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