Sunday, 17 August 2014

This Week I : Holiday Edition | Holy Chic

Helloooooooooo .... J

The holiday themed blog posts have now officially begun and I hope you like them. Today I am going to begin with week one of what I did. If you didn’t know,  I went to the Dominican republic for 2 weeks on my annual family holiday and I thought this year, I will take you along with me J


Time to go. All packed up with my hand luggage and sporting one of my outfits from my .... post


Plane food! This is never good. But the one on the way home was amazing! Weird huh?


I made it! And look there is a stamp. It’s so difficult to get a stamp these days and I’m chuffed I have one now. Sometimes, it’s the little things people


The breakfast in this hotel was to die for. And with so much too choose from, food comas every day. The French toast there was just the best and very on point!


Pool fun! I didn’t go in this day but believe me every other day I was!


The cleaners are adorable. Every day they have done something new and pretty to your room. I think I need to hire me some of them as maids


The bed. Only me in it. Bliss.


Kindle time!


The reason to be in the pool all the time, the bar is in it. Not near it, in it! How friggin cool


The only day I here put makeup on! You literally couldn’t. It was just way too hot

And that is a wrap on week one of my trip. Not much text today because I wanted my awful photography to do most of the talking.

I hope you enjoyed and I will see you soon with a new post

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