Saturday, 16 August 2014

Worth the splurge? : NARS | Holy Chic

I don’t think I have fully dedicated a blog post to my NARS Pro Prime, Pore Refining Primer so here is that much needed post.


I included this in a haul a little while back as a gift from my mother. This is a white oil free primer of a watery consistency priced at £26. Now to the question in the title. Is it worth the splurge? No!

The makeup artist at the NARS counter recommended it to me as it would help with my oily skin and would help stop my face from getting oily throughout the day. Well, it did not. If anything, it made my skin 10x oiler and because I think it was of a similar consistency to my regular moisturiser, it just didn’t work well under it. I tried other moisturisers and got the same results.

Also, the amount. For £26, 30ml isn’t a lot to get and a little bit really didn’t go a long way for me. I found that I got halfway through it insanely quickly.

Trying it again, it worked on my face one day and the next day I used it, it didn't work again :(

So overall, I recommend that you save your money and try other ones because I think that they would work so much better. But let me know if you have tried it and your thoughts below.

Other than that, the packaging is to die for and very instagram worthy J

Stay Chic – Ax (

p.s. I paid my mum back as I felt bad that this didn’t work for me and it was an impromptu present.
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  1. Ah, I was eyeing this up to buy for myself only last week, It's a good job I didn't take the plunge! I've loved everything I've tried from NARS so far, but you can't win them all eh? ;) Great review!

    Latasha xx | Today I Adore

    1. awh glad you liked the review. I feel I should give it a few more goes before I completely disregard it :)
      thanks for stopping by


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