Thursday, 21 August 2014

Wishlist #1 | Holy Chic

This is most definitely not the first wishlist I have done but let’s just pretend it is. One of the hardest things in life I think is waiting for a cheque to clear in the bank and this is where wishlists come into action. With school fast approaching and the tears rolling down my face, I thought I would put together a few items I would be sure to pick up on my next shopping trip yet also things I thought are great basics for back to school.

H&M Handbag /  H&M Chain Necklace / H&M Mickey Necklace / H&M Straight Cut Jeans / H&M Sneakers /  H&M Textured Skirt  / Select Leather Jacket / New Look Chelsea Boot / New Look Gingham Dress / H&M Jersey Top / H&M Oversized Tee / Topshop Leigh Jeans

It’s not a lot but for me it is all about simplicity. I try to go for low key colours so they go with everything. A pair of jeans, top and some sneakers are pretty much what I wear on a daily basis. Some dainty jewellery pieces to accessories with, a jacket for the ever changing weather and a school bag. (p.s. I already own this bag but because I love it so much, I am soo buying it again). And finally a dress/skirt and boots for any events I may need to look more presentable for at school.

So stop dreading the fact that school is fast approaching and start thinking about the fact that you have cute clothes to wear J

Have a great day



  1. i love your style! That green tartan dress is beautiful, i recently bought a similar one from river island apart from it's checked.

    1. awh thank you soo muc! its pretty basic.
      that dress is to die for. I am getting a similar shirt from river island too because I like their stuff too much ;) thanks for stopping by

  2. Topshop jeans are AMAZING. I would totally advise investing in them x Also love the Chelsea boots , I REALLY want a pair . I have a pretty similar style to you... very simple and wearable x :) Love it doll.

    cait ||

    1. awh thank you so so much. glad you liked the post ;) the jeans are defiantly going to be the next thing I purchase ;) xox


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