Monday, 25 August 2014

This week I : Holiday Edition | Holy Chic

It’s time for week 2 of my holiday run down. If you missed week one, you can click here to check it out some there is a sense of continuity.

Let’s begin!

Some pics from a trip I went on called outback safari and I got to see the country and learnt more about life there really


Literally the best coffee in the world. The secret, cinnamon so you know I bought some and ice coffee here I come. I really recommend it to take away the harsh after taste I find coffee has

Paradise! You may recognise this picture if you read my update post but this is the beach called macaw or macow? I have no idea how to spell it but it is so clear and so blue and so much clean white sand. It literally is paradise. And as these people thought too, perfect place for a wedding


Guys, Michael Jackson isn’t dead J he performed as an entertainment night. Genius! Had the whole world fooled. He’s just hiding out in the Dominican republic people!


Went on another excursion and saw something called the three eyes where it is pools of water in a cave. All natural and pretty cool if you ask me


More sightseeing. I went into the capital and made a stop in the church which is very much like the basilica if you have ever been J


On the last day it was miserable and rainy but kind of a nice way to end a holiday filled with 2 weeks of sunshine

Another stamp. Like seriously, I get too happy about these

And there you have it, my two week holiday wrapped up. Again if you missed week one, you can check it out here, but other than that thank you for reading J

Week 1 of my holiday:

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  1. Oh wow it looks like you had an amazing time, such lovely photos xx

    Gemma |

  2. So many amazing photos! I'd love to visit there ! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. awh thanks! glad you liked the pictures ;) thanks for stopping by


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