Thursday, 28 August 2014

Vaseline lotion vs. Spray and go | Holy Chic

A little while ago, I posted this...

...picture on Instagram and a few people were asking about my thoughts on the Vaseline spray and go so that made a perfect blog post opportunity. I have also paired it with the Vaseline lotion and thought I would put them head to head

Vaseline lotion: this I found to be highly moisturising. It is of a thicker consistency and my skin looked more radiant looking and softer due to this. It applied evenly and didn’t leave a sticky residue once applied. Although you do have to rub it in. My skin felt moisturised pretty much the whole day without re application needed

Vaseline spray and go: why it took me soo long to try this, I will never know but this is really a great product. You literally can spray, (sorry but you do have to rub it in) and go. But the nozzle makes it spray continuously and you can cover large surface areas quicker. It is moisturising and makes your skin feel radiant and softer. The down side though, this DOES NOT keep you moisturised the whole day. 3-4 hours at the most I would say. I found myself having to reapply this throughout the day so I would go for the lotion over this for long days. But if you are only going to be out for a short period of time, I would give it a go.

There you have my hopefully not too lengthy review of the two products. Both great at what they do.

Have you tried either before? Tell me your thoughts in the comments :)

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