Saturday, 24 August 2013

Beauty Bag Survival Kit| Back to School Series| Holy Chic

hey guys!

so toady is the second post in my back to school series. I cant believe I go back to school in less than two weeks! I'm not ready yet.
today I am going to be sharing with you my back to school survival kit.
this is what I have made and I usually carry it around with me so that I don't end up rummaging at the bottom of my bag for it. its just to keep things like makeup and lip balm and all those kind of essentials that you may need through out the day in it.
hopefully you enjoy this and get something useful out of it :)

 this is my makeup bag and it was from Zara home and I got it while is was on holiday and I love the paisley print on it and because it is so brightly coloured, this makes it easier to find in my bags most of the time.
 this is a large Cat Kidston mirror which I have had for ages and ages and is so grubby looking but I love it and don't go anywhere without it and is around £10. because I did get this many years ago, I cant find this online anywhere so sorry about that.
 my life saver and I swear by this product.
 model co eyeliner and colossal volume express mascara.
 in case you catch a cold unexpectedly.
 you never know when the hair just needs to move from the face area.
I swear by that lip balm
that deodorant is seriously the best and I highly recommend it. as for the hand gel, it was an impulse buy in primark and not that great but good for 50p :)

now of course another option could be to carry dental floss like so

and if I could get my hands on some oil absorbing sheets that would be amazing because I cant seem to find them anywhere so if you know a place, please let me know in the comments. :)
also I would carry some chewing gum or a soft mints just in case.

so I hope you guys enjoyed this and got some interesting tips and found something useful to put in your beauty bag!
thanks for reading and I will see you a lot sooner than you think :)
bye for now!

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