Sunday, 13 October 2013

Update | where the heck have i been? | Holy Chic

hey guys!

well its been a really long time but I feel like I owe you an explanation as to what has been going on with me these past few weeks as to the lack of blog posts and what I have been up to in general.

I apologise deeply for not blogging that much recently but as I have briefly explained in posts before, I have started my A Levels and things are just starting to pile up on me and I haven't yet figured out that balance between school and blogging so please bear with me :)

secondly, I have lots of formal events at school which takes up a lot of my evenings meaning I don't have time to upload the post or to write any either. also I have events this weekend which has stopped me from getting into the swing of blogging too.

also, yes I have written some posts in advance but I still am having bloggers block. and to those of you that I have arranged to do a guest post with, that will still be happening and I am half way through writing nearly all of them. and if you would like to do a guest post with me, contact me via email or twitter so we can arrange something :)
also leave me some blog post suggestions as you guys still have power for 4 of my blog posts!

and I guess my only other reason why I have been away is school drama. not the bitchy kind of drama but the exciting drama and so many things are changing for me and I am only now coming to terms with it when this whole ''drama'' started like a month ago (yeah I get it I'm a bit slow with things! )

oh and yes, my twitter account and my YouTube videos are private just for a little while for reasons which I cant tell you about. its nothing bad or serious but I will let you guys know when they are all of private. it should be around towards the end of October :) !

but yeah I am going to try and keep up with tings and there is going to be a post tomorrow I promise! if you missed last weeks post (omg its been a week almost since I last made a blog post) you can check it out here and see what that post was all about!
I would post tonight but I don't have the post I wanted to post ready for you guys just yet.

I love you guys and thank you for being so supportive an understanding! :)

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I will see you guys in the next post very soon.

A x

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