Friday, 28 February 2014

#FashionFebruary: Week 4 | The Kimono Edit | Holy Chic

I cannot actually believe it. Firstly, to the fact that this is the last post of #FashionFebruary but also to the fact that it is the end of February. Like seriously, where has the time gone?!

So yes you read correctly, it is the final week of Fashion February and we end it kimono style. As per usual, I will be showing you four different looks with four different kimonos so without further ado, let’s unveil the looks.


Look 1: Tumblr-esque
T shirt  

Okay, I have no idea why but this look reminds me so much of Tumblr and honestly I would wear this. The pink and purple floral tones stand out against some of more of the basics incorporated in the outfit. I think I should just let the outfits talk for me here.

Look 2: Nude Attire
Ankle boots  

So this kimono has a built in top so that saves you money and wardrobe space I guess. This kimono gives great gratitude to a very delicate Japanese style at new look prices. Best of both worlds right? (I’m making no sense so...) I found this nude a line skirt which is a very popular cut at the moment and these boots which I am dying over right now and a bag to tie the look together.

Okay so not only is this look for you lovers of the black on black, it also adds some colour to the tassel detailed kimono with the red of the poppies. I really wanted this look to be predominantly black so the kimono could do most of the talking and this would look great with an up/high ponytail do and a bold red lip. Work the make up with you. The chunky chelsea style hells add height which could be interchangeable for day or night.

Look 4: ditch the coat
Kimono jacket   
Ankle boots  

Okay so it is starting to get a little bit warmer here so I opted for a jacket style kimono. Again, I wanted this to be the most predominant thing in the look so I left it to the accessories to finish it for me. I paired it with the same boots as look 2 because a) I love them so so much and b) I think they work well with the outfit.

So there you have it. The sad conclusion of the kimono edit and fashion February. So that is all of the looks I have created. I hope you liked it and found something there for you. If you did, get involved in the twitter chats using #FashionFebruary and tell me what you thought of my post or perhaps how you would style kimonos. I personally love the way they look on others but not necessarily myself but if I had the opportunity to buy everything in this post, I would.

Let me know your favourite look in the comments section below. Keep up with the #FashionFebruary talk here:

I don’t want this to end so I may continue creating a topic of the week for myself and creating looks for you guys because I honestly had so much fun doing it.

Until the next post I guess …

Check out my lengthy update post so you know what is going to be happening soon and over the course of the year:

See you guys with a new post really soon!


Stay chic - A x

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