Sunday, 9 March 2014

Last week I ... (#2) | Holy Chic

So a few weeks ago, I did this sort of post and it proved to be very popular with you so I did it again. I am going to try and do these every week, month or as aften as I can but without further a do, I bring your eyes, my week in pictures :) I did just combine two or so weeks together so I hope you don't mind.
Rekindled my love for coco pops snack bars: I dont know what it is but they have just been tasting really good recently that I bought a whole box .
Who favourited your tweet?!: yes @barberapbabe favourited my tweet  an I fangirled for at least two hours
I ate my body weight in pancakes: ithink it is mandatory to do so on pancake day. They were american style and tasted frickin good
Straight down the middle: I switched up my parting because change is good
High waisted thoughts: I tried out my american apparel inspired jeans for the first time and I must say, I wasn't too crazy about them
I had the urge to shop: but I suppressed it so I am very happy about that :) I MUST STAY STRONG AND SAVE!
Well it took me two years!: thats right. I finally made 1,000 posts on Tumblr and it took me two years. Great stuff
Mascara talk: I tried out the company lashes mascara and I must say, its not good. If anything,  it made a mess but the packaging is to die for got to love it for that really. 
Braid stories: I have been sporting the snake braid recently and I love it because its so quick and easy to do. If you would like a tutorial on this braid, let me know in the comments:)
Considering it: yes I am considering doing a blog sale because I recently cleaned out all of my unwanted makeup. Let me know in the comments if you think it is a good idea
So that is the end of what I did this week and I hope you liked it. I will be sure to remember to take pictures to share more of my life with you :)
See you guys with a new post really soon!
Stay chic - A x

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