Monday, 2 June 2014

Sup June | Holy Chic

Let’s have another little catch up shall we? J
I guess I can say hello June and May, you were quite a fabulous month. I know it must feel like all I have done these past two months or so is moan, update you guys on my moaning or give constant apologies as to why I haven’t done something with a bit of moaning thrown in.

First up, let me just mention the elephant in the room, my blog design. No it hasn’t changed drastically but I did decide to go very cliché with it and go for a black and white header theme in a very simple font but I think it makes it look very classy. To match up with that, I will be editing most of my pictures in a slightly different way.

I also now have different pages so you can go and read more about me, contact info, PR/Disclaimer and more of my work. Let me know if there are any other pages I should add like FAQ, Bloggroll or a monthly music play list. I am working on some other little things for my blog and slowly transforming it so just watch this space I guess J

It’s already June and most likely in July as it is half way through the year, I am going to bring it back old school and do some six months in favourite’s posts. I hope you don’t mind that but sometimes old school can be the way to go.

I have like a lifelong to do list it seems and I am (I guess so) making my way through it slowly but surely and some of these things take up time. I always inform you guys of when a new post is going up but to be on the safe side, I recommend following me on Bloglovin to be updated when I upload a new post.

Throwback: I guess this whole blogging thing actually started because of YouTube and now, I am sorry if this upsets you (I am pretty sure this doesn’t upset any of you because I don’t think you any of you have watched my videos before) but I have now put them all on private. I knew I wanted to do it but it finally came to a point where I just had to do it so yeah, a new chapter I guess.

The idea of making YouTube videos has never left my mind but I want a nice DSLR camera or a compact system and good editing software to begin. Not just for YouTube purposes but for photography too and my own personal projects I have yet to begin.

On another topic, my exams have finished! I finished a lot earlier than most of my friends so yeah. I am sure I failed all of them and will probably be enrolling at my local college very soon.

But I guess that is it pretty much. I hope you had a great May and if you still have exams, I wish you the best of luck with them. But I am back and ready for some new and improved blogging. I have a tonne of new post ideas coming up and I cant wait to share the with you. it may result it a blog post everyday this month :)


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