Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Amazon Bargain

Now I know here in England summer is basically over but I thought I still wanted to throw this little post in and it might actually be useful to those of you all year round sunglasses wearers.

I had been eyeing up these cat eye style sunglasses for a while on amazon and at only a whopping £2.44 (or something along those lines) I thought let me just order them and give them a whirl. About 6 weeks later I then owned the black and brown pair which cost me under a fiver for the both.

They are flattering yet chic on my face shape as well as being as well as having the potential to be a statement piece for a simple outfit. Only thing they do take a little while to come and they are constructed on the smaller side so I would say if you have a wider head, maybe these aren’t the best for you but at such a low price, there is no harm in trying right?

Retro style sunglasses:

ASOS have the same in white which Amazon don’t have but I kid you not they are identical to the amazon version:
Image Map

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