Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A Catchup!

Either it really has been a while since I have done one of these or I have a crap memory but either way I thought it was time just to catch you all up. I don’t even know where to begin, I feel like so much has happened but I don’t think I’ve been the most productive person ever, you feel me?

Let me first state the obvious with the blogs new look. I’m sure this design is quite familiar to most of you and I have Pipdig to thank for that. It just got to the point where nothing was looking the way I wanted it to, it wasn’t easy to navigate the website and if I didn’t even want to go on my own blog, why should anyone else come? It was time for a long overdue tidy up of the layout so I hope you are finding it a lot easier to read latest content and to find any specific posts you may be looking for.
I don’t think I am alone in this when you have that love hate relationship with blogging. It can be hard to constantly stay creative and I should know, I study media. I figured out that I got to a point where I was writing posts because I knew I hadn’t uploaded anything in a while. I was writing posts I truly wasn’t passionate about and it meant I was leaving my blog for months on end just because I didn’t care as much. But blogging requires patience. Over the years, the market has become very saturated and it can be hard to keep creating content when you don’t see any engagement or as many views as normal. If I gave up every time this happened, I would not be writing this post write now. So, no official upload days, a girls gotta breathe. No specific content genres, just keeping it real, keeping it me and uploading the next post when it feels like the right time.

Instagram has become a platform that I have realised I really need to use a lot more. Another platform to engage with readers and a really good networking space. I am slowly working out how to have a good balance between Instagram and blogging content as I feel Instagram has just taken blogging and made the whole idea of fast fashion a whole lot faster. So, I have been using it more and making adjustments when necessary and drawing inspiration from another social media platform. I would love if you came over and gave me a follow. We have to support eachother out here, it’s hard trying to stay relevant in the blogging industry.

Overall, where have I been for the last year? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I mean I could but I don’t want to. Just yet. I’m not ready for that kind of exposure. I really just needed headspace, to find me again and my purpose and what I wanted to do with my next steps in my non- internet life. Sometimes you just have to go right back to the beginning and work your way up again just so you can see things a little bit clearer.

In other news I have a website. That isn’t this. This might be a little confusing so let me call it my portfolio. Working in the media industry, I needed an easy way to show off my work so I created my portfolio showcasing all of the work that I have done or am currently working on. This is linked right at the top of the blog so I would love it if you had a nosey. I focus mainly on photographer so if you are looking for one and like my work, hit me up.

I promise you I am going to shut up right after this nice Segway into asking you guys for help. My final year photography project is fast approaching and me being me, I want to create extra work form myself. Even if this isn’t the final thing I really want to do a piece on personal style. A collection of images and some footage chatting with the person behind the images and their thoughts on personal style and their style inspirations. I will eventually make a whole post on this but for now I just want to get the ball rolling. I am still working the ins and outs of it all but I would love for you guys to be apart of this. I can only do Brighton/Sussex area and north London and depending on finances I may be able to stretch it a bit further but if you are interested, send me a tweet, leave a comment with your email address so I can see how much initial interest I have for this.

That’s it, I am done, I promise. I hope now you feel like you get where I am at with this whole adulting situation. Tryna succeed at that hopefully. I am off because I have reading for tomorrows seminar and it’s like a lot of pages and its already midnight. #whatevenissleep.


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