Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Realising not every trend is for me

Every season we are just thrown a bunch of different trends. Not only can it be hard to decipher through what ones you want to go forth with, it can be hard to resist the urge to just buy it all. I used to be in such a bad habit of seeing a trend on other people, falling head over heels for it buying it and leaving it till after the return date to realise that it’s not for me or I don’t like it. A waste of money and space in my wardrobe.

In the past year or so, I have learnt that it can’t all work for you and if all the trends worked for everyone, where would people see essence of personal style be? With the introduction of autumnal weather and autumnal trends, the ones I’ve really been keeping an eye on is the prince of wales check print, red and corduroy materials.

I’ve worn blazers as a casual outerwear piece for as long as I can remember but the grey blazer I feel has really changed the game. It’s a really nice combination of menswear/workwear chic and adds a great touch of sophistication and put-together-ness to an outfit. The oversized look of this one was just right up my street with the little touch of red thread running through it, making it more everyday appropriate.

Red really has become the colour of the season, making the successful transition from summer to autumn. I am not one for statement pieces but rather adding pops of colour here and there because let’s be real, I have to be true to my black clothes. This red crop top I bought in a shop in china which has questionable drawings of clowns on it (don’t question it or you will just be questioning it forever) but its defoo not hard to come by some red items these days.

The corduroy trend is something I have been toying in my mind with. Because of the texture of it and it being mostly bottoms out of that material, I questioned whether it was the right fit for me. But I “invested” in the miniskirts from Primark and I have fallen head over heels with the trend. I love the different texture especially because its black. I tend to feel a little less guilty about wearing all black when I combine different textures.

THIS COAT IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF I AM TELLING YOU NOW. Thinking about cost per wear, I could have just bought the Zara OG version last year but I am so happy that my babes Primark made a version because I saved so much money and I think it is really good quality. Its classic style means I can carry it through multiple seasons with me and just, you know when you have wanted something for like over a year and now you own it because it’s finally within your budget? I’m feeling that right now

With any trend that I chose to do a little more research into, I find the place I can get it the cheapest but also of a decent quality. Because it is a trend item, you just don’t know how long it’s going to be around and when you have to adult but look fashionable whilst doing so, you just don’t want to break the bank. As most of these items are from Primark, I’ve never had an issue with their items lasting me but shop where you see fit. More expensive doesn’t always mean better and vice versa.

Tell me about some of the trends you have dabbled into below, I would love to know 


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