Monday, 15 July 2013

The Official Update

hi guys!
long time no see !

well something exciting has happened and I declare this day as being the starting date of HOLY CHIC! holy chic being the new name of my blog! woop woop! (too much? yeah I thought so too )

no if you were not aware, I made a blog post saying that I was going to make some changes to my blog so if you would like to read that you can read that here under my June archive!

I have re planned, restructured and re thought out this blog and in other words I'm starting it over again!

so the new domain is there if you would like to check it out! but also there are some other things that I need to tell you!
HOLY CHIC now has an official twitter account where you can follow me and ask me questions and be updated instantly when a new blog post is coming out so you can do that  here:

also if you would like to contact me for any business enquiries you can do so at

yes my YouTube account is still there and you can subscribe to me as I have change the name of it and it is the official YouTube account of HOLY CHIC;

so there will be some new features to my blog now such as:
wish lists
monthly updates
first impressions
todays topic ( this is where I can choose something to talk about that isn't beauty or fashion related! better yet you can choose)
styling different pieces together
and so much more!

I want to keep this blog alive and interesting so there is a new editing style that I am trying out and a new style of writing!

so I hope you all like the changes and I look forward to hearing feed back from you and I hope you like the changes

a new blog post will be hopefully within the next couple of days and if it is I apologise in advance as I am still very busy and making needed changes to this blog!

blog you all very soon! byee x

p.s. follow me via bloglovin! the link is on the side

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