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Style Steal: Demi Lovato and Bridgit Mendler

Hey guys so welcome back to my blog and I just wanted to start with two things that I forgot to mention in my official update blog post.

I will no longer be having my polyvore account directly linked to my blog so if you would like to see some of my designs and creations you can go to my polyvore account here:
 But from now on every month or every other month I will be doing a polyvore creations update so you can see some of the designs if you do not have assess to polyvore and hopefully you will enjoy seeing that and it is better for me I guess as it doesn't cram up my archive so we both win in this case!

Also I  know that I am really behind with uploading posts and you’d think that because I have finished school for the summer, uploads would be a little bit more frequent but I am actually really busy this summer and I have a jam packed schedule and I am trying to balance everything out especially for when I go back to school but sometimes there wont be posts so I hope you understand and forgive me! I am really trying my best to be a little bit more creative and reveal a bit more of my personality to you guys so hopefully that gets across to you.

But that's it so lets get back to the blog.  This is the first post in my new series called style steal. This is where I take a different number of celebrities every month or two months and recreate a similar look and this  time round it is Demi Lovato and Bridgit Mendler. I absolutely love Bridgit and Demi they are my idols and I adore their style and its even better when you can recreate it! But the twist is for each celebrity that I use, I will recreate each outfit using one particular shop so for Demi I am using Topshop and for Bridgit I am using New Look. Hopefully that made sense to you! So hopefully you like some of my recreations and please leave any feedback down below. (I have said hopefully way to many times in this I'm sorry!)

Disclaimer: please bear in mind that this is a style steal so things are not going to be exact and I wanted to play with some of their outfits buy trying to work it into what is in style at the moment. if it was going to be exact I would have called it shop their closet or something! So please bear this in mind but as always enjoy. Also Topshop and New Look are not paying me to use their websites or anything all of this is my own ideas and opinions.

p.s. Sorry that I was unable to get the links for you guys but my computer had a malfunction and I am unable to do it but next time I should be able to but hopefully the prices being there is a little bit more helpful.

So, Lets begin!
Look 1


White shirt £22, Bandeau £16, Skirt £95 and Shoes £50
I absolutely love Demi’s outfit here! It is so classy yet very chic and really easy to recreate. I just took this plain button down white shirt which isn't as sheer as hers in the picture but the bright cobalt blue bandeau/bralette makes up for that. Bandeaus/brallettes are really in at the moment and I chose this brightly coloured one because it helps add some spice to a plain outfit. Next is the leather skirt! It is pretty similar to Demi’s and is a great staple piece to have in your wardrobe. Now the shoe style are very in at the moment. the platform less sole and the ankle strap and completes the whole outfit and adds a classy touch.

look 2
  Shirt £29, Jacket £185, Jeans £40, Shoes £38 and Necklace £22.50
This outfit is really easy to create and includes a lot of staple pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe. I couldn't find the exact shirt but this checkered shirt that I have chosen I feel is a must for any wardrobe because it is so versatile. You can use it for the day and have it un buttoned with a strap top or dress it up like Demi has done and button it up with a necklace and jeans which Demi has done. I paired it with a pair of black skinny jeans and an Aztec style necklace which is a staple piece. The shoes I think is an exact match and cut outs are very in and if you are someone that loves a pop of colour, try pairing it with some brightly coloured socks! Now the leather jacket ties the whole outfit together.
Look 3
Shirt £41, Shoes £110, Necklace £28, Skirt £16 and Blazer £120
Who says you cant even end summer with a bang! Now topshop did have the same style blazer in a different colour but as this is a style steal I decided to make  a statement with this blue colour.  And to make it even for of an in-your-face outfit I got this black polka dotted shirt and kept it pattern and  bright colour free with the boots and skirt. Skater skirts are very in at the moment and are flattering to almost all body types and has become a staple piece in many peoples wardrobes.  For accessories I went for a bold  mixed metal necklace because go big or go home J
Look 4

Denim jacket £45, Hat £25, Sunglasses £16, Bag £34, Shoes £70 and Skirt £48

And for my last look for demi I could not find anything slightly similar apart for the skirt  so I traded the pastel pink denim jacket for the pastel blue skirt and the sheer band near the hem of the skirt  gives you the peek-a-boo cut out effect without being too revealing and adds a hint of classiness. I also paired it with a sheer  vest top and a denim blue jacket. Round shades are still in this season and are a great way to make a statement if you outfit isn't too loud or busy. A little clutch and Demi’s signature hat and you are good to go!

Bridgit Mendler Look 1

Top £19.99, Trousers £22.99, Shoes £17.99 and Necklace £5.99

So from what I see bridgit likes to keep the outfit quite basic but very busy on top and quieter on the bottom but also using staple pieces. I picked this fun paisley printed shirt which you can button up to dress is up . Some faux leather skinny leggings to create a sleek silhouette and some ankle strap mid heels (which you will see Bridgit sport a lot of in this style steal) and kept it basic with a neutral nude colour.

Look 2

Blazer £27.99, Necklace £5.99, Top £7.99, Jeans £9.99 and Shoes £17.99

So this is a similar idea to the first outfit I showed you but I took this bright coloured floral print blazer and paired it with a grey t shirt which is a basic that most people will have ! I also paired it with some black skinny jeans and red mid court heels and I think this outfit is quite basic! The jewellery like in the last outfit is quite small and dainty.

Look 3

Dress £25, Shoes £19.99

So this outfit was so beautiful and I loved how Bridgit for the shops took a completely different colour and paired it with a pretty dress which I have done with what I think is a paisley print dress and taken a blue ankle strap mid heel once again to complete the look!

look 4

Jacket £59.99, Top £5.99, Jeans £19.99 and Shoes £27.99

Okay so again I couldn't get similar items but I found this silver jewelled cropped waterfall blazer and I thought it was so pretty and blinggy I guess (lol such a cringey word! I guess lol is too ) and paired it with some navy blue skinny jeans and a black crop top as crop tops are again really in at the moment and are such an easy fashion item to work with and go with so many different things. And to top it off I paired it with some ankle boot wedges and kept the bottom of the outfit pretty basic as the blazer was so busy.

Hopefully you enjoyed this style steal and there will be more of these to come! If you have any requests for people you would like me to do this for, please leave a comment down below and I will be sure to get round to it asap!
Thank you for reading and I'll see you all next Thursday!

A x
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