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Today’s Topic: Gentleman Of the Road

Hey guys!
So this is another new series on my blog where I can take a topic to talk about that isn’t really fashion or beauty related and of course you can give your suggestions and tell me what should be featured in the next today’s topic episode. So today I’m going to talk about the festival Gentleman of the Road and hopefully you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid or sponsored by anyone to write this I just wanted to share my experience with you!

So at the weekend 19th July-21st July I went up to Brighton with a few of my friends for a music festival in Lewes called Gentleman of the Road. And let me just tell you now I had soo much fun! It was just unbelievable and the atmosphere was great and the people where really nice and I had one for the best weekends of my life.

Gentlman of the Road information:
In 2012 we began hosting our Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers, a global series of events in small cities and towns around the world. We spent months selecting unique places, creating venues, building the lineups, planning the aftershows, and getting to know the local people who helped make the whole thing work. The results were some of the most amazing and memorable shows we've ever played – and we've played a lot of shows! We hope those of you who made it had as much fun as we did.
This year we've expanded the lineups, changed the format, and worked to improve the experience in ways big and small. We have new towns, new countries, new artists, and new campsites that will become an intimate part of each event. Plus tons of surprises you'll have to see for yourselves! We really couldn't be more excited. But the spirit of the project remains: a music festival that celebrates local people, food and culture, where everyone pitches in and everybody gets something back.

Friday 19th July
So we arrived in Brighton and drove up to Lewes and parked in a huge field and it was at least a half an hour walk from the actual venue just walking through fields and both days we missed the first act and on the Friday it was Youth Lagoon and they did sound really good from a distance as we could hear them on the walk up so it was okay.


Then we had to queue up for wrist bands

Sorry it was really hard to get a picture of it as the woman put ion on my wrist upside down! After we went in and got some Chinese food which was a little bit pricy but it did taste really good!

Like most people there, we sat down for a bit and enjoyed the sun but as the sun began to set, we moved further in towards the crowd and watched the rest of the bands play whilst standing up which was a good 4 hours. I had comfortable shoes on so it was okay for me.

In the crowd there was so much energy and it was great to be surrounded by people that love the same type of music as you and to see all of the lights above you and it’s a feeling you can’t really describe. So we pretty much stayed there and watched these acts perform:

White Denim: I thought that they weren’t that great but I mostly walked around whilst they were playing. No one was really up and dancing either for them.

British Sea Power: I thought they were very good and they had some really good songs with a really great beat to them.

Vampire Weekend
They were the act of the night and were sooo good and great songs to dance to and I knew like all of the songs which is always a bonus for me!

Then we tried to get out of the crowd and that took a good 5 minutes as there were so many people further out than us and it makes you realise how close you were to the front. But when you did get to the very back, there were so many people dancing and really enjoying themselves. Then we went to merchandise and found a necklace there for £40 and it was so expensive and t shirts were like £20! The necklace was like the size of a 5p coin and it was just stupid! The guy laughed when he told me the actual price of it.

Then we walked out the way we came and it was so much fun because there were only like flood lights on and people dancing and singing and it ended the night really well!

Then we went back to our b&b as we all got covered in beer and felt really gross and went to bed as we were all really tired and that was pretty much Friday!

Saturday July 20th

So the next day the festival continued at about 1pm and it was a lot colder that day and because we wanted to get to the front to see Mumford and Sons the cooler weather was amazing!

We got into the main crowd and stood there from like 3 till midnight which is a crazy amount of time because it was so worth it. All of the bands were amazing and this is who we saw

We missed Bears Den as we were walking up but again sounded really good from a distance!

Deep Vally

I don’t think that they are everybody’s tastes but as I am someone that likes The Pretty Reckless, you might like them as well but I thought they were amazing and had really great energy and started the afternoon off really well.

Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit

I thought they were really good as well and I haven't heard of them before so hearing them for the first time live was a really great experience and sang a really awesome lullaby which made me kinda sleepy

The Mystery Jets
I didn’t really like them I just wasn’t feeling their style of music but their songs had a good beat to dance too.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

They were just freaking awesome! Their songs were so alive and a bit earthy/hippyish if you know what I mean and had a great vibe and he did a bit of Crowd surfing which got everyone a little bit crazy but it was still soo much fun.

The Vaccines

Their performance was sooo good and I had a lot of fun and enjoyed them playing live but having to wait for them was like torture! Everyone was pushing and shoving and I made a hole in my shirt and it was absolute madness so I didn’t like that bit.

Mumford and Sons

The band everyone waited for! It was so much fun and the crowd came alive and everyone was singing a long and interacting with them and words can’t describe what it was like! It wouldn’t do it justice

Then the very best sound system came on but we were pretty much pooped out and conga lined out of the venue to their dj skills.

Saturday was pretty much like Friday and I again had an amazing time and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

Then on Sunday we had a picnic on the beach and then went home! I was really tired from loosing soo many hours of sleep but it was worth it!

So if there is ever festivals near you seriously go and experience it because it is one of the best things ever and is a huge part of culture.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s topic and stay tuned next Thursday for a new blog post! I’m going to try and make Thursday my new blog post uploading day! Any comments or suggestions please leave them down below. I like reading comments J

I hope you guys liked it and I’ll see you very soon!
new post on Monday! this should have been up yesterday but it all failed! :( sorry about that.


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