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My August Wishlist | Holy Chic

Hey guys so today I am going to do my August Wish list and this again is another new series where I find some products that I would like to get throughout the month of august so I hope you find some interesting things.

Links to where you can find all of this will be listed down below and hope you like it and enjoy reading.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to mention any of these products all are what I would like to try.

1.These shoes! WOW! I have wanted them for so long you don't even understand. They are the Love Label Leo T bar platform heels I think and I just think that they are soo pretty and when I go to parties and things I do like to wear my heels and I thought they would be perfect for that and they are really pretty and summery because of the cork style heel and platform but you could also really dress them up for the upcoming autumn. They also have them in bright blue and leopard print which also looked cool so check it out.
2.Skater skirts! They are a big trend right now and I saw one in Topshop for around £16 that I loved and have wanted so badly because they are flattering to nearly all body shapes and have become a staple piece that I need for my wardrobe.
3.Green tea frappachino! (I think I spelt that wrong! Sorry!) Now living in the UK, you don't get this but I have always wanted to try it from Starbucks but a found a recipe online of how to make a Green tea smoothie and hopefully that tastes yummy.
4.These earrings from forever 21. I cant remember how much they are but I saw them and really liked them because I'm obsessed with the triangle style earrings and really wanted those ones with the others that it comes with.
5.The Polaroid camera. Now I know this is a new style type of one but I just love the idea of it printing out as soon as you take it and there is a very vintage feel to it and I love it!
6.The Kindle. Now I know there is an on going debate about whether to have a kindle or the actual book but I don't really have a preference and wouldn't mind having either but I haven't  read a book in a while and I am someone that doesn't really like to carry books so I though this would be a great way to encourage me to read. Call it a silly reason if you want but that I feel is a good way for me to read some more.

1.This is the eos lip balm in honeysuckle honeydew. That flavour sounds really good and I've always wanted to try it because I hear so many people rave about how good it is and its quite expensive on Amazon too so maybe this month I will try to get my hands on one.
2.Bioderma. Again I have heard so many people rave about this and I would love to try it but again it is really expensive on Amazon and you cant get it in the UK but if I don't get that, maybe I could find a great dupe for it and I will let you guys know about it for sure.
3.The Sally Hanson nail polish in ‘Kook a Mango’. I saw this in boots a few weeks ago and it is such a pretty colour and I wanted something bright and fun to add some more colour to my outfits but again it is quite expensive for one nail polish but I guess hopefully you get what you pay for. I've heard lots of good reviews of the Sally Hanson nail polishes and I cant wait to get my hands on one.
4.The Revlon lip butters. Too many people talk about it and I've heard so many beauty gurus talk about it too and because I am not really a lipstick person, I tend to not really think about it but because it is like a balm too, I am more willing to try it and maybe I can get my hands on it this month.
5.The extraordinary oil but lorel. I have had a sample of this before and it made my hair really soft and calmed down my frizz and it was really good for my hair but I have just never purchased the full size. I would highly recommend it and I think it is worth the £10 because it works so well.
6.This is the Vaseline spray and go. I can sometimes be really lazy with moisturising and I tend to stick to my cocoa butter but this was intriguing because it was a lot faster of a process and that's why I want to get it and try it out. I think the pricing is edging on the expensive side at £4.99 but maybe I will just give in and eventually buy it.
7.This is the masterpiece liquid liner by Maybelline. I have had my eye on this for the longest time and I am all about easy application so ones  in pen form really appeal to me. I tend to just use my collection 2000 one which I do not recommend using but hopefully I can grab it this month and possibly do a review on my thoughts of it.


Here are all the links to the products I have mentioned.

(I am going to do a blog post soon about the green tea smoothie and show you guys how to make it so stay tuned for that J )

I hope you found some interesting things on my august wish list or maybe you have got or tied some of these things. If so, let me know what they are like in the comments as that is always helpful.

Any comments or suggestions you have for me you can also leave them down below and I'll see you next Thursday for a new blog post.

Stay tuned!


A x

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