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The Autumn Tag | Holy Chic

Hey guys!
So today I thought I would do the autumn tag seeing as it is appropriate at the moment. I have added a few questions of my own to the tagged so I hope you like it. also check the very end to see if I have tagged you to do it! :)
so without further ado, lets get straigt into the questions!

1.       Favourite thing about autumn

I would have to say the fact that I can whip out all of my knit things and oversized wear because I love feeling warm and cosy in any environment.

2.       Favourite drink

Probably a hot chocolate. That’s boring I know but it really is.

3.       Favourite candle/autumn scent

I don’t burn candles but I do pretty much love any candle by Yankee candles. My favourite autumn scent would probably Chanel NO5. It’s really pricy but I love it for the autumn weather. I feel like it has a very autumnal scent to it!

4.       Favourite lipstick

 I don’t wear lipstick at all really but on extremely special occasions I will wear this plum coloured one. I am not sure who it is by or where it is from but it works well for me and is a great autumn colour.


5.       Go to moisturiser

It has to be and always will be palmers cocoa butter! It is really moisturising and leaves a great finish on my skin. If you would like to know more about my skincare, I will leave it like here: Skincare products i use

6.       Go to eyeshadow colours

Again I am not the biggest eyeshadow person but when I do wear eyeshadow, I will go for a gold/rose gold colour. Either this one by MUA in the shade pearl 28 of this one by sunkissed which is actually a bronzer but I find that it works really well as an eyeshadow. They eyeshadow primer I use for theses is the w7 prime magic eye primer.


7.       Favourite music/band

 At the moment I am loving Alt J and I have loved them for a while now but Fitzpleasure has to be my all-time favourite song. I also love Ariana Grande’s album yours truly because every single song on that album is freaking amazing. I have fallen back in love with the 1975 and I heard about the whole 1D thing but I promise you I despise 1D and I have liked their music for a while and I especially like Chocolate and The City. I also love a love like war by All Time Low and there are a lot of songs so I will do an autumn music playlist! That is usually requested and I have some other songs to share with you guys and that post will be up shortly.

8.       Favourite outfit to wear

It would probably an oversized knit cardigan, jogging bottoms and a strap top. That’s what I feel really comfy in at home and what I change into that when I get home from school. If I was going out, I like cardigans with plaid shirts, jeans and some converses. That is pretty much my go to outfit.

9.       Autumn treat?

I will treat myself to a hot chocolate from Starbucks or Costa or I will treat myself to a nice oversized jumper.

10.   Favourite place to be

I do love the park in the autumn. Don’t know why but I love how crisp and fresh the air is at that time of year.

11.    What fall trend are you most excited for?

I am most excited for the leather trend because it gives me an excuse to bust out my leather skater skirts and leather jackets. They are very chic and stylish pieces.

12.   What is your favorite fall beauty product?

It would have to me my master precise eyeliner by Maybelline because it is in felt tip pen form so you have a lot more control over the pen and it’s been a great way for me to get back into my winged eye line look.


13.    Which fall trend do you hate?

I really dislike the futuristic trend that is arising because I feel it is so back to the future and I don’t think the world is ready for that just yet.

14.   What is your Halloween costume going to be this year?

I'm not to sure if I will be doing Halloween this year but if I am/were to, I would probably go as a St Trinnians girl. I am a little obsessed with their uniform.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I do tag all of you to do this post but I specifically tag two people who are:
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I will see you guys with a new post very soon!
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