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Fall into Autumn with key pieces from summer! | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

So I know that summer is practically over and that means you can start getting ready for the autumn months. For those of you that like autumn, you will be really excited for this but if not, hopefully I can show you that today you don't need to change your style completely to suit the autumn trends.
So I am going to show you how to take some of your most loved summer fashion pieces and transform it into the autumn must haves. I will be sharing some key pieces from different shops and where I have taken everything from will be on the top of the picture so lets just get straight into it! J


I think its fare to say that we have all fallen back in love with the dungaree/overall/pinafore trend because now that I think about it, I really did love wearing a pinafore. Pink is going to be a great colour for the fall and keeps you well away from those dark autumn associated colours . Now I am sure you have al seen the classic pinafore from topshop and I would pair it with a crop top, ankle boots and frilly socks but to still keep with that style, try the pink effect pinafore and pair it with a cropped black knit jumper, some tights, the same ankle boots and a light pink coloured bag. It just shows that you don’t need to completely throw out all of the summer tends to fall into autumn. We have kept the same pinafore trend and the cropped trend.
The next big trend for the autumn will be oversized and I feel like this trend never goes away and one thing I do miss about the autumn weather is earing oversized things. So in the summer you were more likely to see and oversized printed t shirt with leggings that were rolled at the end and high top trainers. Now to stick with the whole oversized theme, take and oversized knit jumper, you can pair it with the same leggings and an oversized chained necklace. Oversized doesn’t just have to bee in the clothing but the jewellery too and that is sticking with the summer trend too. Pair with a pair of ankle boots so fall into autumn again.
The next big trend in autumn will be leather. I think this trend has been around for a little while now but its even better now that you can find leather in the trends you loved in summer. In the summer your are most likely to have worn a crop top with a black skater skirt and white high to converses. However to swing into autumn, keep it clean and crisp with this white cropped button up collared shirt which still keeps with the cropped trend, a pleather skater skirt again to keep with the trend and some leather converses with tight. Just because it has gotten colder, doesn’t mean you still cant wear white. Just pair things with tights and layer up the colder months.
Animal print will be a big trend this autumn and I think during the summer, animal print was show a little bit more subtly like on the left hand side, you may have worn it as just the shoes peeking out but to fall into autumn, go all out with the animal print this oversized animal print shirt and black jeans with animal print panelling. These Jeffery Campbell lookalikes are a big trend throughout the year so you can go wrong with investing in these shoes.
And finally the floral print. People think it’s a disgrace to wear floral print in the autumn because of the connotations of the flowers. Well they are entirely wrong because you can. Never listen to what people tell you about fashion. Its your style and just have fun with it. So on the left the floral prints would be a lot lighter in colour again sticking with the skater skirt fit and cut with a cropped strap top and high top shoes/converses. Now to transition that into the autumn, you take the same cut of skirt (skater skirt) but in a darker floral print or black as the base colour of the skirt, a black long sleeved crop top and tights. Then a large gold chain necklace and some ankle boots to finish off the look. This keeps with two main summer tends of crop tops, skater skirts and two main autumn trends which are ankle boots and oversized things.
So hopefully I have shown you that you don’t need to change everything in your wardrobe to keep up with the latest trends. Make the most of what you have in your wardrobe and wear what you want because no one should control your style.
I hope you enjoyed this blog post and got an insight into some of the autumn trends coming up and a look at what I am excited for. No they are not all of the trends but I think that these are the major one.
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I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in the next blog post very soon
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  1. Great post and gave me some great ideas for my winter wardrobe. I think my favourite would have to be the denim dress and cut out boots!




  2. ahh yeah I love those things too! thanks for reading and leaving a comment its much appreciated :)




  3. p.s. just followed your blog via bloglovin because its amazing !!



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