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Hey guys!

So as so so many people ask me how I get my skin the way it is, how do I get it so soft and how do I get it so radiant looking.  (I kid you not; I get asked those questions nearly every day)

So today I thought I would share with you the things I use to kind of keep my skin looking good and feeling good from using masks to moisturisers. But first, I will tell you a little bit about my skin and 1 tip that anyone can do to a healthier looking skin.

I had really sensitive skin when I was younger and actually had eczema and I still do suffer with it do this day but it’s not as bad as it used to be. It still does get bad in really hot conditions though. So I’ve been through my fair share of products on my skin and I can safely say these are the products that I have stuck with and will change from time to time depending if I get patchy areas but for the most part that is it.

The one tip I have is to drink lots of water. This will hydrate your skin and lock in the necessary moisture that you skin needs to look healthy. anyone and everyone can do this as it is so easy to do.

So without further ado, here are the products I use.


Hopefully you can see them but there will be close ups J

Okay so I will start with scrubs and masks


Okay first is the Champneys purify and cleanse SOS mud mask. You can see here what it looks like and the consistency.


I absolutely love this mud mask. It works so well for my skin and smoothes over everything and gives me an effortless canvas to work with. I apply this and leave it on my face for around 10-15 minutes before wiping it off. I make sure not to rub it off so I am not so harsh on my skin. I usually do this every 2-3 weeks on a Sunday when I have a bath so I can relax with it on because I really don’t need to do it every day or week. It’s of a medium thickness in consistency and applies really nicely and would highly recommend it.

Now because it is a champneys product, I would expect it to be between £7.50 -£15 based on their other products. Sorry I can’t remember how much it was but that what I think it would be.

Next usually after that, I will use the Olay regenerist daily thermal skin polisher.


Again this product works wonders and I think I like it even more because of the thermal part. You feel like it is working because of the thermal aspect to it. It’s a lilac coloured scrub.


You just apply this all over your face and work it in and if you want the heat intensity to last you just add some more water. So simple yet so effective. I’m not entirely sure where I got this because it was a really long time ago but I’d say you could find it in boots or Superdrug for around £10.

I use this after the mud mask to get rid of any dead skin cells, exfoliate the skin and remove any last product on my skin and I’m loving it. I will use this once a week just to exfoliate the skin. It’s a bit much for me to use every day.

Next is the Clean & Clear refreshing exfoliating facial scrub.


No I have just rekindled my love or this as I used to use it a little while ago but every day and I found that it broke me out and now I don’t scrub my face every day because of this finding.

And this is a clear gel formula with like coloured beads that burst and exfoliating beads.


The gel is really light, cooling and refreshing and I’m glad I started using it again because you notice a big difference in your skin. It tightens the skin, is oil free and it doesn’t clog your pores. Sometimes I will use this instead of the Olay one ore once a week as a morning facial scrub.

No you’re probably thinking the packaging looks a little bit weird but I actually bought this in the 99p store which is now becoming a successful business here in the UK.  Now you can dismiss this if you want or judge me for buying it from there but I don’t care. The way I see it is that Clean & Clear is a well know brand worldwide and so many people talk about it so why not grab a bargain. I don’t think they still sell it in there but I think the morning burst is fairly similar to this.

So now I’m going to move on to skin products and moisturisers that I use.

Okay so I guess I will start with the toner. This is the Morrisons vitamin E toner.


 And just try it before you judge where it came from. This, yes really cheap, was a great buy for me because it works well for my skin and takes away all the excess oils and dirt I have made during the day. I would just apply this on a cotton round and wipe it all over my face


Now I only use this in the morning and wash my face with water at nights because I don’t think you should strip your skin completely of its natural oils and that is what has been working well for me.

Next is the Simple purifying cleansing lotion


I usually use this   at nights because it is a much lither formulation and consistency


Not sure if you should but oh well. This is really light on the skin and great when sleeping because it’s not too heavy during the night. It moisturises well and is great after applying toner. Sometimes I will use this under Cocoa Butter which is next!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula


I swear by this cream because it is of a medium consistency and you don’t feel like you are sweating in it. It is very moisturising and keeps my skin soft and supple and is probably the biggest secret of mine. It’s quite inexpensive as well so that is great for me. I love it and would recommend it to anyone of any skin tone.

Next is E45 cream.


Now for the purposes of the group picture and the close up I showed you a tube version but that is actually finished and I just put some in an empty tub I had and is a pure white cream with quite a thick consistency


If using this, I will usually only wear this because it is quite a thick heavy cream and you can sometimes sweat in it but mostly I will apply this to the areas that are dry and patch and it helps clear them up and is great for anyone with some sort of eczema and would recommend just like the doctor recommends the next product I am going to show you

Aqueous cream


I have always had mixed feelings about this product. It is what I say to be very runny and a bit gloopy in consistency but great for eczema sufferers


It helps clear up and minor problems you may have on your skin but also can be use as a face mask. Apply to damp skin and moisturise and wipe off in about 5 minutes. This will give your skin an overall clear up and moisturise it.

The versatility of it is amazing and you can get this at your local pharmacy or boots/Superdrug.

Next is the Boots essential Eye Gel.


This is the most recent addition to the products I use and I have been using it for about 5 months and still love it. Because of the cucumber infused gel, it’s really cooling and soft around the eyes


I apply this to my ring finger as your eye area is very delicate, use your most delicate finger to apply this and go in circular motions. It really brightens up the eyes and makes you look more awake in the mornings and well worth that £1.50.

Okay so I think I have gone through everything now!

Wow that must be a lot to take in. Links to the things I could find I will leave linked so you can check them out.
( i'm sorry I couldn't get the links to any of these but most of these things you can find in boots or superdrug :))

Hopefully this answered most of people’s questions. No I don’t use this all in one go because that would be madness but if you would like an actual routine let me know in the comments as well as any blog post suggestions that you have. also if you want me to do a more in depth review on any of these products let me know once again in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you very soon with a new post (fingers crossed Tuesday)

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  1. Oh I like the look of the Clean & Clear scrub, I love their products :)) xx

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  2. I got it from the 99p store! I haven't found it again and I cant find it in any shops but clean and clear products are amazing! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! much appreciated :) xx


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