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My September Wish List | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

So today I am going to do my September wish list and yes it is that time of the month. I cant believe my summer is over so quickly. But anyways, its time to get back into the swing of things and this is a great way.

So I am just going to take you through what I would like to get throughout the month of September but first I will review over August's wish list.

I only really got two things off of that list and one was the skater skirt which I ended up buying in H&M. I still haven't worn it yet but I am excited too and also I bought the master precise eyeliner by Maybelline which I will be doing a review on when I have use it a little bit more and tried different looks with it. If you would like to see last months wish list, you can check it out here:

Anyways, back to the September list, I hope you guys enjoy this and find some interesting things to try and look out for In stores.

Lets get into it!


1.These boyfriend jeans I found on the H&M website and I adore them and they are a really nice comfy fit. The only thing that bugs me is the price but I did find a great deal in Primark so hopefully I can get my hands on them this month.
2.This Dress I saw in H&M (this shop will be a running trend through this fashion wish list because it is one of y favourite shops like ever!). I thought It would be a great transiting dress from the summer to the autumn weather and a great colour to do it with.
3.I have wanted these navy high top converses for the longest time because they are a great staple piece and go with any outfit and because I practically live in these shoes, these would be a great investment for me
4.I saw this khaki coloured beanie in Primark at the beginning of this month and I found a new love for that almost army green colour and because I love beanies and that colour, I intend to get it this month whether the sun is still shining or its pouring down with rain.
5.I've been on the hunt for some jewellery and I saw this necklace in again H&M (shocker) and I thought it would be a really great subtle statement necklace because of its unique shape. I tend to wear a lot of black so I thought this would be a nice bit of colour or accent colour to my clothing.
6.Again with this bracelet, I want something quite simple and I though this would be perfect and is really inexpensive.
7.This is similar to number 6 and again I wanted to show more of what I like through my jewellery. I might dress girly but I want to toughen up the outfit with some accessorising.
8.Again I am looking for a drop statement necklace because I have been wearing a lot of oversized plain t shirts and these necklaces are great to tie the whole outfit together and make it look like you have spent a lot more time on your outfit than you actually have.


1.First is this garnier caffeine under eye roll on stick and this is supposed to reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes and because I am now back at school and will probably start loosing a lot of sleep again, I wanted to give this a test and do a review for you guys. I feel that the ones that are tinted with colour, don’t fit everyone.
2.Next is this acetone free nail polish remover by cutex and I have been dying to try this but every time I go out to buy it, they never have it. (its like the universe doesn’t want me to have it.) my nails are really weak and chip and break like crazy so I wanted to try this to stop drying out my nails and hopefully make them stronger.
3.This is the great lash lots of lashes mascara by Maybelline and I have heard many great things about this mascara and I really want to try it but I cant seem to let go of my benefit they’re real mascara. Its just too good.
4.This is  313 indigo nail paint by Barry M and I am really loving those royal blue colours on the nails and wanted to try it on me and its really cheap which is good too.
5.This is the Barry M Gel Nail paint in 17 blue grape and apparently these are really good and last a really long time on the nails and its affordable and again I am loving the blue colour on the nails.
6.Finally these are the Baby Lips from Maybelline and no I haven't bought them yet and I am really late on the band waggon with this but it has finally hit store sin the UK and I cant wait to try them because sometimes I do get bored of just using Vaseline and coca butter balm. I have heard really great things about this and I cant wait to get my hands on it.

I hope you enjoyed this months wish list and found some interesting things. If you would like to see these items in a little bit more detail, I will have these items on my wantworthy page so you can go and check them out there. All of my social media sites are listed here and you can follow me on twitter for regular updates.

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more links coming soon ;)

I will see you guys very soon in the next post!


A x


  1. definitely try the babylips, they're great! x

    1. oh I will be i's soo glad that they are in the UK! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

  2. Great wish list! I love the H&M dress!

    1. thank you! I love the dress to and hope I can get it this month! fingers crossed. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment much appreciated :)

  3. Hey! Nice post sweetie.
    Ohh and I like the dress from H&M!
    Its super cute.

    Do check my blog and support me by following me back ya.
    Will appreciate it a lot.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Sincerely Renny. :)

  4. just read your entire blog and it is amazing! can wait for your new posts! just follow and would appreciate it very much if you could follow me back!
    thanks for stopping buy and leaving me a comment :)


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