Thursday, 5 September 2013

Wantworthy Demo and my thoughts! | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

So today I am finally getting round to telling you something I discovered a little while back and I have been dying to make a blog post about it to share it with you guys.

Now I am sure you know about it by now but I thought I would still do this post anyway and share my experiences with it with you guys.

So today I am going to tell you about Wantworthy! If you already know about it that’s great but if you don’t, it is basically this online website that allows you to save the things that you have seen when online shopping/browsing.

So basically, if there is something you have found online and you want to come back to it at a later date, you save it to your wantworthy page and you can have that item almost permanently booked marked on to that website.

Some of you may find this interesting and really helpful and others wont but I hope that each and everyone of you reading this finds something positive to take away from this.

Now that I have gotten myself used to this website I think now is an appropriate time to tell you about it!

So I am going to show you a little bit of how to use it and how to basically get you started with using it.


Okay so when you first go on to the wantworthy website you may come up to a page like this and you can log in or sign up. Hint: I suggest you sign up!


Okay so this is a preview of my wantworthy page and I will leave a link to this here and at the end of this blog post. And here you can see some of the items that I have already wanted to save and its from all different shops and it becomes like your own personal online shop or wardrobe wish list.
Okay so in order to get started, you want to add a want button to your bookmark bar and this will allow you to save items from any website to your wantworthy page. To do this, it does give you instructions but you just drag the want button to the bar as shown on the screenshot. The want button will appear on the bar like so.


Now to save things from a shops website to your list you click on the want button which is highlighted on the screenshot.

Once you have clicked the want button, this little menu will appear and you can put things into groups and types like shown. This is type: bag. And you just click the save button and it will appear on your list.

And here it is on my wantworthy page.

Okay so lastly this is about buying the item. What’s cool is that you can buy the item straight from that page by clicking the buy button as it is in blue on the screenshot .

Or if it is something on your page that you have now purchased, you can click the blue tick and this will clear it off of your list as you have now bought it.

Okay so that is pretty much all I have to say about wantworthy . My last tip is that I have found it works best on Google chrome rather than internet explorer so I would give that a try.

This website is seriously amazing because it is so simple and easy to use and has helped me keep all of the things that I have ever wanted to buy in one place and just keeps me that little bit more organised.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found a new website or found out more on how to use it.

I am not sponsored by wantworthy for this post I genuinely love this website and wanted to share it with you guys!

To see my complete wantworthy page click here as I update it quite a lot now so check it out!

Sign up today at

Also, if you have an iPhone,  this website can be portable! Just look in the app store for an app called ‘fresh’ and it is the same thing! Keep that list with you everywhere you go J

Not available for android yet! I feel your pain it sucks.

If there are any other websites that you would like me to review or test let me know in the comments so I can add that to my blog post to do list!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I will see you very soon in the next one! Don’t forget to check out my social media sites!

Bye for now!

A x


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