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Liebster Award part 2 | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

So I was nominated again for a Liebster award by the lovely Tara from Imperfect perfect beauty   so I thought I would do a round two of this so lest just get straight into it!

Okay real quickly, if you don’t know already the Liebster award is, it is an award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers to get the recognised in the blogging community.

So there are a few rules to the award;

  • Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award
  • Set 11 questions for your own nominees to answer
  • And just let the other 11 people that you have nominated them and send them a link to your post.

So now I will answer the questions set for me J

 1) What’s your most used beauty product?
At the moment it would be my master precise Maybelline eyeliner because it is so easy to use and adds something to my face as I wear no other makeup and is great if you are in a rush and just adds a little something. I don’t know what yet but it does.

2) What are your goals for blogging?
I aim to get to 50 followers really soon and meet lots of new people through blogging and go to different events and just share with you guys a real passion of mine. I think that it is a great way to interact with other people.


3) Do your family/friends know you blog? If no, then why? & if yes, then are they supportive?
My family/friends don’t know that I do blogging at the moment.


4) If your blogging ever became serious would you take it up as a day job?
I think blogging on a day to day basis would be an amazing job and if I could do it full time, it would be a dream come true. I think you can get so many opportunities out of blogging.


5) Who is your favourite Blogger?
my favourite blogger would have to be Zoella which I know sounds really cliché but she really has given me the drive to do what I am doing today and writes in a way that engages her audience yet inspires so many other people like me an potential bloggers and that is what I am to do with my blog some day! (Fingers crossed!)


6) What don’t you like about blogging?
I haven’t really found anything I don’t like about blogging at the moment but it does sometimes get difficult to get the balance between this and school work.


7) Where do you get your inspiration for blogging?
My inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere pretty much. Sometimes I will see that other blogs have done it so I will give it a try too but also from pictures I see online or YouTube videos that I can turn into a blog post. I think the idea is to not think about it too much and look at what is current right now or write about what is going on with you.


8) What’s your favourite song atm?
my favourite song at the moment is Tennis Courts by Lorde because there is so much power and emotion in that song and although she is only just standing there staring at you in the video, I feel like it really gets the message across. If you like Lana Del Rey, I’m sure you will like this!


9) If you could change your blog name what would you change it to?
As this being about the 3rd/4th time I have changed my blog name, if I really had to I would probably call it ‘Monochrome’. I feel like that is a really classy name for a blog with an elegant flair to it.


10) What’s your most used social media?
I think at the moment it is twitter because I like staying updated and informing you guys about what I am doing and how you can get involved. But I also use instagram, YouTube, vine, Facebook and snapchat way too much.


11) What’s your favourite online shop?
My favourite online shop is probably H&M because I am finding some really nice things on their website and at really inexpensive prices!

Okay so now that I have answered the questions sent to me, I will say who I have nominated and give you your questions to answer!

The nominees are:











And your 11 questions to answer are:

1.       What/who inspired you to start blogging?

2.       Do you have any goals you want to reach before Christmas?

3.       What are your favourite blog posts to write?

4.       What do you prefer writing about on your blog; fashion, beauty, life topics or anything random?

5.       Describe your blog in 3 words

6.       What are you most looking forward to in autumn and winter?

7.       When are you most likely to be writing a blog post?

8.       What is your favourite song at the moment?

9.       What is your all-time favourite skin care product?

10.   What do you treat yourself to in autumn/winter?

11.   Do you see blogging as a long term thing or do you plan on stopping?

I hope you guys enjoyed this round two of the liebster awards and thank you again Tara from Imperfect perfect beauty for nominating me! It has really helped me get to know more people and read new blogs.

If you missed my other Liebster Award post go check it out to see who I nominated previously and what questions I asked them!

Once you've done your Award post; Leave a comment or tweet me so I can check them out because I would love to read them!

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I will see you guys in the next post soon!


A x


  1. Love your answers!Great post altogether!Very glad i nominated you xx

    1. ahh thankyou very much! I really appreciate it! :) xxx

  2. Congrats lovely :D xx

    Love Sim xx

    1. your blog is gorgeous and congrats on 1000 page views! xx

  3. Omg thank you!xx That is so lovely! xx

    I love your blog loads and am already following you via Bloglovin' xxx

    Love Sim xx


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