Tuesday, 22 October 2013

St Trinians Girl | Halloween costume ideas series | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

Today, I am going to do my first in a week long series of Halloween costume ideas. There will be four of them this week and I just want to share with you guys some quick and easy ways to make costumes and hopefully cut the huge price tag too. so I hope you enjoy thins and I will just get straight into the first costume.
Yes as you will have guessed from the picture, I am going to show you how you can gat a St Trinians girl look. Either like the posh totties or Annabel. So I did this costume myself one year as it was very close to my school uniform. The pictures and the links to where I got everything from are down below but they are just a guide as to where you can get similar things to match the outfit but you can get most of these items from Primark. Just look for a white button up shirt, tights, black skirt or pinafore if you have one, a blazer if you want one and a tie. Shoe styles are optional. If you can walk in heels all night go for it but I personally want for flats e.g. converses. I would only buy the hat which I did which is around £3-£5. so really this entire outfit could cost you £5.00.
Items mentioned in this post with links:
The links are there if you want to check it out but I hope this was useful to you and something quick and easy for you to do. I hope you enjoyed this post and come back tomorrow for the second in my Halloween costume ideas series.
I may extend this till over next week so if you have any costume ideas, let me know and I will try and create an inexpensive look for you so all suggestions are welcome.
I hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading
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See you guys tomorrow! Byee

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