Friday, 25 October 2013

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Hey guys!

Today, I am going to do my fourth in a week long series of Halloween costume ideas. There have been three other costume ideas posts this week so you can have a scroll around my blog for more costume inspiration. Hopefully I can cut the huge price tag too for you guys and that you can still use some of these pieces long after Halloween. so I hope you enjoy thins and I will just get straight into the costume idea.

Yes as you will have guessed from the picture, I am going to show you how you can get a Where’s Wally look whether you want to be the male or female version. The pictures and the links to where I got everything from are down below but they are just a guide as to where you can get similar things to match the outfit like the top I have shown isn't really a good match and is so over priced and I'm sure you could try a costume shop or maybe even Primark to get something so much cheaper. Obviously the jeans/skirt are not as bright as perhaps wally would have them but I wanted this to be able to fit back into your wardrobe after Halloween but you can get a similar coloured one. If you can walk in heels all night go for it and go for some brown/black boots or red heels but I personally went for flats e.g. converses which you can find in Primark for like £3. the beanie and the glasses would be a great touch to the outfit. I suggest getting the hat from the link below and the glasses you can easily get from Primark for like £1.

Items mentioned in this post with links:

 I hope this was useful to you and something quick and easy for you to do. I hope you enjoyed this post. There may be another post tomorrow if you send in your suggestions ASAP so that I can create a simple look for you guys! all suggestions are welcome.

I hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading

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