Saturday, 26 October 2013

Female Referee | Halloween costume ideas series | Holy Chic

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Today, I am going to do my fifth in a just over a week long series of Halloween costume ideas. There have been four other costume ideas posts this week so you can have a scroll around my blog for more costume inspiration. Hopefully I can cut the huge price tag too for you guys and that you can still use some of these pieces long after Halloween. so I hope you enjoy things and I will just get straight into the costume idea.

I am going to show you how you can get a female referee look. The pictures and the links to where I got everything from are down below but they are just a guide as to where you can get similar things to match the outfit. I found this one a lot more difficult to find things but you can always do a DIY black and white striped top to match the picture shown more correctly. Obviously you can switch for the trousers/skirt depending on temperature or how much skin you want to show. Personally, I think that heels are just not appropriate for this look but its totally up to you if you want to wear some but you can just go for some high top converses or these high top flatforms shown in the picture. Items mentioned in this post with links:


I hope this was useful to you and something quick and easy for you to do and that you enjoyed this post. The final episode of this Halloween costume ideas series will be up tomorrow and I hope that you have enjoyed seeing these over the course of this week. Thank you for sending me suggestions for the looks for me to recreate for you guys.

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