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Hey guys! So I am finally getting round to doing this tag post which I was tagged to do by the lovely Amelia from So go and check her out as her blog is amazing! So thank you very much for tagging me to do this! J I have been meaning to do this for the longest time and I’m sorry that it is so overdue but it’s here now!

So if you want to see my answers to the questions, read on J


Make up:

1. Blush or Bronzer – personally neither but if I had to choose, it would be blush because I’ve always thought it was cool


2. Lip gloss or lip stick – I prefer lipstick because I hate the sticky consistency of lip-glosses yet I own so many. It adds so much class to an outfit.


3. Eyeliner or mascara – oooohhh this is hard. Why would you do this to me! I would go for mascara because I could always use a black matte eyeshadow as replacement. And my eyelashes are really short so I couldn’t live without it I guess


4. Foundation or concealer – as I wear neither of those, if I had to I would go for concealer jut to cover up those dark circles I get sometimes and to make me look more awake.


5. Natural or Coloured eyeshadow – I prefer neutral toned eyeshadow all year round. I don’t feel comfortable yet adding colour to it.


6. Pressed or loose eyeshadow – I prefer pressed eyeshadow because I am really clumsy, knowing me I would probably spill it everywhere and just make a mess over my eyes. The skill you would need to pull that off.


7. Brush or Sponge – I actually like sponges better because I feel like they are a lot easier to work with.

1. Opi or China Glaze – having never of used either of those, I’ve heard great things amount opi so I will go with that


2. Long or Short – I love my nails long but when they grow out, they break so I am forever stuck with short nails that I can’t paint.


3. Acrylic or natural – natural all the way! I hate the look and feel of acrylic nail. They weigh my fingers down.


4. Bright or dark – I go for darker colours like I love greys, nude browns, dark/olive greens, berry reds ect. I really like black too. I own bright coloured nail polishes but never use them


5. Flower or no Flower – no flower!

1. Perfume or body splash – body splash because it’s so much more convenient that perfume with I think is a bit too strong and overpowering in my opinion


2. Lotion or Body Butter – body butter. My skin dries out really quickly so I need something really moisturising. I may use lotion n at night though


3. Body wash or soap- soap. I have sensitive skin so there is very little soap that I can use


4. Lush or Other – I love the smell of lush! Does that count? It’s so nice when you go into the shop you want to bathe in all of it and never leave!

1. Jeans or Sweat Pants – by sweat pants I assume you mean like loungers so I will go for that. You might catch me in jeans during the day or a skirt and tights but as so as I get home, I get into a pair of joggers and oversized jumper. I have an obsession with being comfy. It’s a slight problem!


2. Long sleeves or short sleeve – long sleeved I guess. I don’t really like my arms.


3. Dress or Skirt – dresses I think because I guess they can double up as a skirt


4. Scarves or Hats – scarves because although I do love beanies, scarves can be used in a lot more ways that beanies can be


5. Studs or dangling earrings – dangly earrings because I have two piercings on each ear, I have a hard time finding earrings that go together.


7. Heels or flats – I’m sorry but I have to say both! Please don’t kill me but it really depends on the situation. Flats for everyday e.g. my converses (I live n those) and heels for special occasions.


8. Cowboy boots or riding boots – riding boots. Neither really but that’s if I had to pick.


9. Jackets or hoodies – hoodies because I love mend hoodies and they are so big, warm and comfy. Again, I’m obsessed with being comfy. I do need to invest in a nice jacket though! Any suggestions?


10. Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe – never been to Charlotte Russe so Forever 21 it is. I do actually really like that shop though. Have some great staple pieces.


1. Curly or Straight- I love my hair curly but it’s straight! That makes me really sad L


2. Bun or Ponytail – buns. Only because I do them so much when I’m at home doing work so I love doing my messy buns.  


3. Bobby pin or butterfly clips – bobby pins! They hold everything in place really well


4. Hairspray or gel – neither but again if I had to pick it would be hairspray. I really hate gel


5. Long or short- long. Everyone loves my hair short and curly but I’m growing it out and I’m at that really awkward length! After growing it out though, I will probably cut it short again knowing me :P


6. Dark or light – dark. I don’t mind my natural hair colour as boring as it is


7. Side swept bangs or fully bangs – side swept like I have already!


8. Up or down – down!


 1. Rain or shine – shine just not when it is unbearably hot.

2. Summer or winter – summer!


3. Fall or spring – both! Am I just being really difficult now? Haha sorry!


4. Chocolate or Vanilla – chocolate. I mean who doesn’t like a bit of chocolate.

 If you haven’t seen Amelia’s yet check it out here:

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But if you would like to do it, go for it, it’s a lot of fun answering all of the questions and you can tweet it to me.

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