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2013 Favourites Part 1 | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

Today is the first post I guess of review 2013 in a month. So today on review 2013 in a month I am going to be doing my ultimate favourites part 1. This will include beauty and skin care stuff, a few fashion staple pieces for me all year round. This is going to be a long post so get your snack and cup of tea and let’s get straight into the post!

Okay so I am going to start with my most loved skincare products of 2013.

So I hope you can see most of the skincare favourites and I have;

Champneys sos mud mask – this I didn’t buy but someone did, I took full advantage of it being in my bathroom and I’m so glad that I did. This works so well in unclogging pores and leaving skin firmer and smoother. Definitely a winner and maybe repurchasing this but champneys tends to be expensive. I like to use this once every 2-3 weeks just to boost my skin’s healthy level

Next I have the Clearasil ultra daily toner which was a new find for me in 2013. It creates a nice even canvas for my moisturiser to glide on to and takes away all of the oils and dirt on my face.

And finally palmers’ cocoa butter – I have no more words left to say how much I love this product except that it’s amazing and it works and you should go and try it out right now if you haven’t already.

Olay regenerist facial cleansing scrub (this has really helped me smooth out my skin and a more even complexion)

Then I have the coca butter night renewal cream. My much actually gave this to me as she said that she didn’t really like it but I love it. It is a great night treatment for my face and in the morning my skin just feels that much softer.

Clean and clear morning burst facial scrub – I have had an on and off relationship with this product all year but I have learned to love it and learned not to use it every day. It’s a little too abrasive for my skin anyways to use every day.

 Aqueous Cream (because I do suffer with a minor case of eczema), this product has always been a part of my skincare routine but I love how versatile it is in that I can just use it to spot treat, as an all over moisturiser or as a creamy face wash.

Okay so now I will move on to makeup


Okay so first I have the Model and Co eyeliner which I am sure you have read me talk about a million and one times now. It is the only eyeliner that I have found that stays on for at least a school day. I am still on the hunt for one but maybe 2014 will be the year.

Next is the John Lewis eyebrow/lash comb. I am not one to fill in my eyebrows and what not but this just tames them a bit more and I literally have to use it every day. I get cold shivers when I feel like I haven’t.

Next is the Ruby and Mille eye smudge tool. I have had this for ages now and really came into the spot light in 2013 for me. It was great for applying eyeshadow to my lower lash line and for setting my eyeliner with a matte black eyeshadow.

Next is the master precise eyeliner by Maybelline. I won’t go on for too long about this as I have talked about it so so much but its easy application and haven’t found anything that works better yet.

The W7 eye primer. This I bought about two years ago but really started using it in 2013 and helps to keep my eyeshadow for so much longer and increases colour pay off.

Next is the miss sporty eyeliner in brown. I only discovered this in like late autumn but had to be mentioned. It’s great for making my eyes appear bigger and making me look more awake with a non makeup effortless kind of look.

Benefit they’re real mascara – I love this purely because it is a plastic brush and not a fibre one and it lengthens my lashes so well and gives my eyes that added flair that I want. I have the smaller size which is around £10 and not I didn’t buy it at full price because that is far too expensive for mascara that size in spite of the fact that it is benefit. I got this free in an Elle magazine and buying it was the best decision I ever made.

Another mascara: Maybelline colossal volume express – this really good at adding volume to your lashes and is great for when you don’t feel like having too much makeup on your face that day. It’s very natural looking and applies in nice even coats

I have never tried the two layered on top of each other but next time I mention these two products I will let you know J

Okay for eyeshadows I have a MUA mono eyeshadow and a bronzer by sunkissed. Both have great colour pay off and I love the way they look on my lid. Not much to say a part from the fact that they are great products.

Okay so now on to makeup wipes and other stuff


First I have the Primark beauty exfoliating facial cleansing wipes. I only purchased this recently but it deserved a mention because I should have bought it ages ago. I have become really lazy with my skincare routine (naughty me) and especially with limited time in the morning, this is honestly a life saver. It takes away that unwanted layer of dirt on your face. Amazing amazing product.

Next is the boots essential cleansing wipes. These are in cucumber and is my favourite and they cleanse my face really well and I have been using these for a good three years now and has never failed me yet.

Next is the Primark beauty facial cleansing wipes. These have been with me for a good few years too and are great from the price tag of £1.

Next is the Kleenex eye makeup remover wipes. OMG these are the best makeup remover wipes that I have ever used. (The Nivea oil based eye makeup remover is amazing too!) They remove even my benefit mascara which is really tough to get off. I love them and highly recommend them.

Next is the Kleenex (yes so many Kleenex products) shine absorbing sheets. I have been trying to find these for the longest time (well oil absorbing sheets in general) and I finally found them in the 99p store and will forever be in my life. I am going to make sure I stock up on them.

Okay now moving on to fragrance and deodorant


Hollister body spray with a price tag of £12, I’m not sure if I am going to repurchase but I do love this product. It smells amazing and lasts all day

Victoria’s secret body mist – again with a price tag of £12 even though this one was gifted to me, I don’t know if I will be buying this myself but it smells amazing and again lasts all day

Nivea anti perspirant invisible – this is why you wear deodorant people. It’s because of products like this one in particular that makes wearing deodorant so much easier. It disappears straight away and doesn’t leave any white marks or that micro talc and is yellow stain free. What more could you want from a deodorant. I also now have it in roll on form which you can see in the picture and I love that just as much as the spray and I hate roll on. That says a lot to me.

Okay so now I will go on to the nail products. I felt like this year I really got back into doing my nails which is good because I got slightly better at doing them J
First if have this Oil Slick nail polish by miss sporty. Amazing amazing amazing! I have now words to describe it apart from it beautiful and it dries fast and is only £1.99. nuff said!

No7 nail polish in Temptress – this is the perfect autumnal/winter nail polish colour. They stay on for a pretty decent amount of time and is great because the more you layer up, the more intense and rich the colour is

No7 nail polish in rose truffle 75/76 (the printing is really hard to read. Apologies) – this is a great mix between red with pink undertones

Next is a black nail polish by miss sporty too. Now it is very sheer which is wasn’t expecting but after the second coat, it turns to be a true black colour with a glossy finish.

Next is the Barry M crackle effect in black. Actually I believe it’s the croc effect but same difference. This I used a tonne in the summer as a ring finger design and I still love it to this day

And finally it’s the Barry M nail paint in mushroom. This I too loved in the summer and as I write this I have it on my nails. It’s a great subtle colour and I love it.

Lip balms!


Vaseline and cocoa butter. There is nothing left to say. You guys know how much I love these. Highly moisturising and always with me wherever I go.

Vanilla flower lip balm by Chelsea square. This I don’t think I have ever spoken about this but it’s a great alternative to plain unscented lip balms. It’s moisturising and smells amazing and lasts a good few hours on the lips.

Okay now on to my fashion and jewellery favourites
 The knitted jumper. This has been my most worn one and I love it to bits. Even though there are gaps in it, it’s still really nice and a must have for winter.

Dresses! This is just a low cut back dress from H&M and I loved it for the summer as it is light and airy and a great summer essential.

This dress from H&M which I am sure about 99%of you must have this because i know that 99% of my friends have this dress too. Well it’s cute, great for summer and it was on sale. What more could you want?

Monochrome. This I love love love to wear no matter what temperature because it is so versatile and that is all I have to say

Pinafores! This was a highlight trend for me in 2013. I loved that these came back into style and i got this for only £4 in New Look. I love it and its great as a pinafore, to disguise as a skirt you know the possibilities are endless

Now on to shoes and one word for that is CONVERSES!

I have been wearing them nearly every day all day. They are so comfy and my styles. The pair in the middle is fake but none the less, I love the Aztec print on it.

And finally jewellery pieces which was the year of midi rings, rings and long necklaces for me. I love that whole trend and I won’t ever stop wearing them I don think.


Okay wow that was a huge post and there is still more to go but for today this is the end of part one. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions about any of the products/items that I mentioned let me know in the comments and I will reply to you as soon as I can

So what are your favourites of 2013?
Have you tried out any of these products?
Let me know in the comments

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