Thursday, 9 January 2014

Today's Treats! #1 | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

Whoa! Bet you guys didn’t expect to hear from me today?! Well guess again. I thought I would throw in a bonus post in today because I felt like it. Today’s post is called ‘Today’s Treats’ because I went to Asda, picked up a few things and thought I would share them with you. I won’t ever claim that these posts will be the most interesting things ever but it’s a mini series for me to throw in when I am swamped with work but have deprived you guys of a post. So I won’t keep you reading for too much longer so I will just get straight into it J

The newest Company Magazine. HAIM was on the front, it was a Company Magazine, I just couldn’t leave it in the shop for it to become a dust collector. As always, it had some really awesome style inspirations and actually sparked up a few blog post ideas for me which is even better! (£2.60)

Mattessons double dippers were delicious as in go out right now and buy them. They come in a range of flavours and dip flavours to suit you. If you love fridge raiders, I’m sure you will love this too. (£1)

Special K cereal bars in red berry were just a healthier treat for me to take to school for me to have at break. I mean they taste like any other special k bar so I have no new information for you about special k and their bars. But I did enjoy the one that I ate. (£1)

CHOCOLATE!! Everyone needs a little bit of chocolate at some point in the week/month/day you know; whatever floats your boat. This is the extra special organic Dominican Republic chocolate which is fair-trade. Honestly guys, this tastes soo good. You don’t just devour it at once but you savour every last piece and the chocolate is so smooth and you should just go and try it right now! Go! (£1)

So that is the end of the treats I bought for today. I will definitely be throwing another one of these in at some point so stay tuned. And see you for a back on schedule post tomorrow J

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See you guys with a new post really soon!


Stay chic - A x


  1. LOVE company magazine xx

    1. same! I have like a years worth of their magazines that I found! so cool x


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