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Fashion forecast #1: the next biggest thing in menswear that will shock us all | Holy Chic

Hi guys
(I don’t normally say hi, usually hey so I think that is the first sign that I am a bit giddy whilst writing this post
So this was really random but I really wanted to write about the next biggest men’s fashion trend. And you’ll never guess what it is? MEGGINGS. Yes you read that correctly, meggings. (The combination of the two words men’s and leggings) just to clarify.
I saw it come up on the MSN news website just as I logged on literally 10 minutes ago and I was shocked that this thing would actually become a fashion piece for men. Stereotypically it is a woman’s fashion item which people tend to opt for over jeans. That kind of sparked off the whole jeggings and treggings trend which still seems to hover in existence today. But meggings, I am not too sure about. Take a look for yourself.

To me it just seems really odd and I don’t like things that tight on a man’s body but that is just down to preference. As to whether this will take off in the men’s fashion department? I think there is potential but it is really down to he who wears this.

How would you even style it? The band kind of looks like boxers so would you have to wear like a log t shirt with it or could you just wear whatever and let them mascarade as trousers for the day. Or would they be like an alternative to pyjama pants. I just have so many questions and I feel like the need an answer. The possibilities seem to be endless.

To be quite honest I am kind of laughing at the whole idea of this really. It just seems silly and that perhaps we are trying to feminise men too much. But who’s to say what the fashion weather has in store for us this up and coming season. Maybe I will be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised when I see boys in my school walking around in them.

You can see more about this at the  which was founded by Adam Frenk and Andrew Volk which is a Chicago based website/shop and you can take more of a look for yourself.

I hope you guys like this spur of the moment thing which I don’t know really, I thought it would be interesting to share with you to get your thoughts and opinions on the whole meggings situation.

Tell me what you think of meggings in the comments section below or you could tweet me your thought. I want to hear what you guys have to say about the whole meggings trend. Ridiculous or exactly what men need. Share your thoughts.

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I will return with a normal scheduled post tomorrow as this one was just so unplanned but I could not post about it

Until then, bye

Stay chic - Ax

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