Monday, 6 January 2014

Review 2013 in a month! | 2013 memory jar opening | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

So today is the first of my review 2013 in a month post! Hurray!
you will see this beautiful start up picture from now on whenever it is a review most of 2013 so I hope you like it because you will be seeing a lot of it this month :)

So today, you guys are going to journey back with me to 2013 and open my jar of memories and I will be sharing just a few of those notes in there with you. I opened this at about 2am new year’s day and I was crying for like half an hour at some of the things I had in there. And a lot of it was cringey and a lot of the things I was so happy about I put them in their 4 or 5 times.

So let us begin with the memories of 2013 J

And these are just some of my most love things that were in the jar with close ups.


So I hope you guys enjoyed this. I wanted to keep the text minimal in this video. This is such an amazing thing to do and I think if you haven’t started already, it’s not too late to start. It lets you keep hold of the best memories for just that much longer J

I have already started my 2014 jar. I bought a new jar because the other one just wasn’t cutting it for me

Have you started a jar or just opened your 2013 one?
Let me know in the comments

Hope you guys enjoyed this and I will stop with the smiley faces now J JK! I know this was a mostly picture post but I feel like I do too much talking (well typing) but I guess you now what I mean so I hope the pictures can speak for me.

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 See you guys in a few days with a new post J


  1. This is such a lovely idea, I might have to give it a go. It would be lovely to look back on everything at the end of the year!

    Tanesha x

    1. hope you make one! its honestly so good to look back through at the end of the year x
      btw your blog is amazing and I just followed you :) that great Gatsby ootd is to die for and so is that necklace!! (and I honestly thought you were a natural ginger at first ) xx

  2. Love this idea! xx


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