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Hey guys!

So I was contacted recently by the lovely people at Paul Fredrick and they asked me to be as creative as I wanted in creating a post for their new spring collection launch which is in fact today. I was so taken aback and honoured to do this so here I am with this very special post for you guys today.

So you guys should know by now that I love fashion and if you don’t, there is something seriously wrong. So today I thought I would dabble a little further into fashion today with talk about men’s fashion wear. Well Paul Fredrick’s Spring Collection for 2014 to be exact.

It is Monday the 13th and if you didn’t know, you aren’t following Paul Fredrick on Twitter (I suggest you do that right awayJ) and the spring collection is officially launched.

Paul Fredrick creates smart dress shirts for the professional man; and who doesn’t want to see their man looking neat, chic and oh so sleek. If you want to go and check out some of the pieces from their collection you can click here:;clearance=No;

But today I just thought I would share with my initial thoughts on the collection, show you some key pieces from the collection, highlight my favourites and style my man (that was just a cheesy way of me saying how I would style these pieces). Don’t be fooled...I have no man.

Overall I thought that the collection was very stylish and has a great modern take on some old classic shirt and tie looks for the modern professional man. The colour scheme seemed to be very simple and the colours don’t clash and sticks within a very warm colour palette. Everything seems to be designed with purpose and just overall is a beautiful collection. Also, this collection mixes different textures with the cotton of the shirts and the silk of the ties; it taps into a huge trend that I think will come back for spring 2014.

Okay now I will show you some key pieces of the collection. The ones with the red circle around them are my favourites.

 The first one circled is my favourite purely because of the floral design in the tie (touching on a more feminine side there) and the incorporation of the blue within the tie which I think brings the entire piece together.

The second one I circled seems to look very regal to me and I think it is because of the bright yellow toned gold tie.  The colour of the shirt is a very classic blue colour and with the regal element of the tie makes it a perfect base for a suit.

And the final one that I circled is again a great use of the trend dual/duo toned and I think that this will definitely be back for the spring time. The two shades of blue really complement each other and the added pattern on the tie ads a more casual element to the shirt and tie piece.

Okay so now I am going to style some of the pieces and show you some complete outfits to go with them so let’s get straight into that.

Make a statement: Paul Fredrick is all about the being more daring and becoming the professional modern man you are, so why not take a chance on this winter berry coloured suit. Now I didn’t find a matching suit jacket but I think that you get the general idea that I am going for here. Yes black is classic but rules are made to be broken right so splash out. Stay cool yet chic in these berry coloured linen trousers with suede trainer style shoes for an overall more casual look.

Play it safe: as I mentioned before, black is classic and its okay to go with that especially for a very professional environment. But with the peach toned tie and shirt set, it will definitely add some colour as a transitional piece from the winter into the spring.

Bending the rules: whoever said that navy and black don’t go together was a liar because it totally does. This outfit I have created does just that with the navy suit and black shoes but it is slightly less noticeable with the yellow colour peaking through on the tie and the paleness of the blue shirt. A thumbs up combination from me.

But don’t just play it safe. The collection seems to have some daring colours in it like the one with the green tie. For that, why not go full on teal coloured suit. I’m guessing the modern man takes risks so why just stop at taking them in life when you can also take them in fashion.  Men, you may not care that much and just think that it is all the same thing but finding the right suit doesn’t have to be a chore. Paul Fredrick makes it simple and easy with shirt and tie sets in amazing colours and styles for you.

But ladies, don’t be deterred when reading this post because there is a whole lot of men's wear on it. You can take some of these ideas and incorporate it into your own everyday style. With monochrome, why not add a burst of colour through accessory pieces. Style more bold coloured pieces with black to make it seem like you put more effort into your outfit than you did. Or why not try navy and black together. Be tactical about it and have the majority of your clothing pieces in one colour or the other. And same to you, black is classic and can work in a lot of everyday situations.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post as it was definitely something different for me but it really got my imagination going and I loved creating this little blog post and I am sad that it has now ended. But I guess it had to end at some point. Again thank you to Paul Fredrick for giving me the opportunity to do this and for recognising a talent in me. If you missed some of the links throughout the post, they are linked just below and I will see you guys soon. Tell me in the comments your thoughts on the collection and perhaps how you would style it.

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Bye guys

Stay chic – A x

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