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Buy and Try: February | Holy Chic

Hey guys!

So it’s the beginning of February and that means that it is time for the second instalment of my Buy and Try series.

So I will just back track a bit here, if you don’t know what my buy and try series is, it is basically where every month I will go out (or over the course of the month) and find products that I really want to try. Then in the next post, I will show you some new things that I picked up to try and review the things that I tried in the month before. Again, I hope that makes sense to you people.

But before you continue reading this, I highly suggest that you check out Januarys buy and try post now here so that you can see what the actual products are that I was trying out and also get to know my initial thoughts on the products.

Okay now that hopefully you have done that, I will give you a brief review and my thoughts on everything I tried. So let’s get started.

1.       The Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist in Mango Temptation. I am already a big fan of Victoria’s secrets body mists so it’s no surprise that I love this one too. It is sweeter smelling than the one I already have (Honeysuckle and Jasmine) but it isn’t over powering and makes you feel nauseas when you spray it. It lasts all day and the fact that I only paid £6.99 for it makes me love it even more.

2.       The Oh My Gem glitter nail polish by Miss Sporty. This nail polish was so good considering it was only £1.99. I had it on New Year’s and it lasted for two weeks more. It has really great glitter pay off and you only need a standard two coats for that and top coat is optional. However, it is a real pain in the ass to remove so I suggest either applying a base coat first for using it on top of another nail polish. Because it becomes a real chore to remove it but other than that, great value for money.

3.       The nail enamel dryer by DeMert. This was definitely designed with the impatient in mind. It doesn’t dry the nail polish completely for me but it protects it so within like 2 minutes after applying nail polish, you can get back to what you were doing. Cuticles feel softer and is an all round great product for only £2.99

4.       The L’Oreal 3 in 1 purifying lotion.  I have now become part of the 99% that loves this product. What can I say, it is really gentle on the skin, removes makeup so so so so well, tones the skin really well and well, if this is what Bioderma is like, I am sooo excited to get my hands on that products. The only annoying thing is that it is a pain to get out of the bottle and isn’t something quick to use if you are in a rush in the morning but still, it’s okay with me.

5.       The Tresemme ultra fine hairspray was okay. Nothing too special in my opinion. Definitely better than other hairsprays that I have tried to I will still be on the hunt for a better one but not much to complain about this one. I still would recommend it.

6.       The Simple Revitalising Under Eye Roll On is something I am really unsure if it did anything or not. It hydrated my eyes and was easy to use and light under the eyes but did it do everything it said on the box? Not so sure. But it is still something I would use if I am going for a very fresh faced look. Not bad but not amazing. 

7.       Palmers concentrated hand cream again is something that was okay. I was disappointed that I didn’t fall in love with it because I love Palmers products but it was okay and I did find myself applying it several times a day because it couldn’t combat my dry hands. But once on it was moisturising and yeah, that’s it really.

8.       I also tried the tea tree cleansing wipes. I didn’t like these too much. I didn’t find anything special about them and was just another pack of wipes I don’t really want. Any wipe could do what it does and I think even me just using my hands to clean my face did a better job. DO NOT BUY! NOT WORTH IT.

9.       The Royal shader brush was just something I felt every girl should have at least one of. It applied my eyeshadow really well and was big enough to coat my eye in one sweep. After all it is just a makeup brush so I don’t have that many things to say about it.

10.   And finally I tried the Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave In Spray. I smile as I type this because I loved this. It protects my hair so well and makes my hair smell really nice after too. I have reduced split ends and I just would highly recommend this product.

Okay so that is the end of the review of all the products I tried for the month of January. If you have any additional questions, let me know in the comments and I will try and answer them for you ASAP.

Okay so now on to the products I will be trying out for the month of February

1.       This is the Ted Baker Body Lotion and I picked this up at like a warehouse thingy near where I live and was about £2.99. Mostly bought it for the packaging, not even gonna lie about that there but it smells really good and I can wait to see if it lasts all day.

2.       Next is the Cone Henna. Basically my friend told me Asda was selling henna for £1; me and my other friend felt like we needed some henna so I went and bought it. I am excited to start using it so yeah!

3.       Next is the Este Lauder Splash away foaming cleanser. It was something my mum bought and she gave it to me so I can wait to try this out. It is a cream with a slight iridescence to it so I am excited for that. Oh and it is for normal/combination skin and I definitely have combination skin so I am even more excited about this product.

4.       Next I have the Superdry Neon Purple Female Fragrance. I was looking for a fragrance to keep in my bag for on the go and this seemed perfect. I cannot describe the scent right this minute but it smells good and apologies I don’t have the price.

5.       And finally I have this Este Lauder Lipstick in the colour Tiger. This seems like a perfect shimmery nude colour and I have a few events coming up so this should be perfect. I don’t love the smell it gives off when you open the tube but we will see next month if i can get over that.

Okay guys so that is if for this instalment of my Buy and Try series. Don’t forget to come back in the beginning of March to see my thoughts in February’s products and what I will be trying for the next month.

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See you guys with a new post really soon!


Stay chic - A x


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