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#FashionFebruary Week 1 Post | The NUMARI Dress | Holy Chic

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Hey guys!

So I am back with the first post of February and well I am sure you have guessed from the title, it is week 1 of the #FashionFebruary. Click the link to keep up with it on Twitter!

Okay so let me put it this way, I am a bit of a people pleaser so instead of creating one look like we were supposed to so I guess, I made three. Oh I’m such a rebel. JK! So using the NUMARI Diagonal Block Sheath Dress, we are to design an outfit complete with 5 other items to go with it. So I begin with using one dress to create three looks.

Hope you like it J


This look is designed for the person who keeps the trends in mind. As well as pairing it with a collarless jacket which will be a huge trend for spring 2k14, but also I played with the nude tones in the dress. I added some warmth to it with the pattern and colour of the jacket and picking out key colours from that to accessories with. I finished the look off with some black heeled ankle boots and some hair bows for a cute look.

Okay there is something very regal about red and gold mixed together and with the predominate colour of the dress being black; I thought this would be perfect and also a possible Valentine’s Day look if you wish. Again i played with the nude colour in the dress in the accessories of the clutch and chain necklace but added the bold red colour. Coloured biker jackets are a huge trend coming up for spring and who doesn’t want some classic strap heels right?

And for the final look, I had the business woman in mind. A very clean and sleek look. Again bearing in mind the nude colour in the dress, I used it to my advantage and matching it with the heels, necklace and bag and went for a vibrant gold colour (if that is even possible) for a slick ponytail look in the hair. And completed the look with a blazer because everything looks smarter with a blazer.

So there you go. One dress styled three different ways. I hope you guys like this post and if you did, get involved in the twitter chats using #FashionFebruary and tell me what you thought of my post.
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Come back next week for week two of all of the Fashion February posts and until then ...
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See you guys with a new post really soon!


Stay chic - A x


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