Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Confessions of a full time student and blogger #1| Holy Chic

I bring your eyes another series from my blog were every now and then I will give you the low down on all things school and blogging.

It really is crunch time for me at school and it’s where everyone is panicking about passing their first lot of a levels and I guess I am too. But try adding a blog on top of all of that and trying to keep content coming as regularly as possible but to also make it interesting is a tough job.

And that long piece of text just sounded really cliché but it is true but... wait for it...

I have kind of found a way to dig myself out of the hole I put myself in by neglecting my school work and blog. So I give you six tips to help restore the balance in your life between blogging and school work (as well as a social life of courseJ)

1.       School comes first: now you are probably thinking this tip is a piece of crap but I promise you once you realise this, everything kind of falls into place. It is all about prioritising. Blogging for me is a form of escape from school work so the quicker you get it over and done with, the quicker you can blog. Simples J

2.       Blog in bulk: usually on a Saturday or Sunday morning is when I like to write as many blog posts as possible as well as take pictures. This gives me more time to do work during the week and the sun is nice and bright if you use natural lighting to take all of your pictures. Plus it just saves so much time if you haven’t really planned anything but there will always be that one post that you have prepared  in case of an emergency

3.       Schedule posts and tweets: I know sometimes we all have so much stuff to do that there is no time for social media so why not try scheduling posts to upload or even tweets. That way you can always be on social media without actually having to be on it.

4.       I don’t know about you but in my school I have free/study periods and at least one a day. So if you have something like this, make the most of it and get all of your work done at school so you have more time to blog or chill at home

5.       And finally, I just thought I would give you some quick and easy post ideas if you have ever fallen behind on blog posts and need something to fill the gap
à song of the day
àstyle crush
àquote of the day
àmakeup/beauty must have/bag essential

6.       Most importantly, I think that people forget that you shouldn’t feel like you have to post. If you are out of ideas, have no inspiration or something along those lines, you don’t have to post anything. Find a schedule that works for you or if being spontaneous and sporadic with your schedule do it.

So I hope you guys like this and let me know what you think of the little series. Coming up next time will probably some revision tips J

Until then...

See you guys with a new post really soon!


Stay chic - A x


  1. i always try and blog in bulk too! i write loads of drafts at once and then post them at various points in the week. id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. ah! I find it so much easier to do it that way. I always have back up posts incase I forget to write something over the weekend :) xox


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