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Hello again people!

Today I thought I would open the doors just a smidge into my introverted life and do the TMI tag for you all. I have wanted to do this for the longest time, I am probably really late into doing this but what the heck, it’s here and I hope you enjoy it J

Let’s begin J
1: What are you wearing? – As I write this, an oversized jumper with jogging bottoms and some fluffy socks! So stylish I know.
2: Ever been in love? -
3: Ever had a terrible breakup? -
4: How tall are you? –
I was 5ft 5 and ½ last time I checked
5: How much do you weigh? –
6: Any tattoos? –
Nope but I would love to get one or two
7: Any piercings? –
Two on each ear but I hope to have three on each soon
8: OTP? –
Annie and Liam from 90210 (even though it has ended), Scalison from Teen Wolf but now kinda Scott and Kira and Alison and Isaac and I can’t forget Carrie and Sebastian. It hurts to mention those names! Oh and Ross and Rachel for like ever!
9: Favourite show? –
Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with Teen Wolf, American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars, The Tomorrow people?, Switched at Birth! The list could go on

10: Favourite bands? –
The Neighbourhood, The 1975, Artic Monkeys, Haim, Bastille, Two Door Cinema Club. Again the list could go on. Check out my 2013 playlist  for more music I love J
11: Something you miss? –
A Lot! I miss the past but I think I should wait to see what the future holds.
12: Favourite song? –
At the moment it is Rather be by Clean Bandit
13: How old are you? –
16. Turing 17 in may
14: Zodiac sign? –
The bull/taraus
15: Quality you look for in a partner? –
Ability to make me smile, nice eyes. I’m not too sure
16: Favourite Quote? –
I have so many but one would be ‘dear optimist, pessimist and realist, while you guys were busy arguing over the glass of water, I drank it. Sincerely, the opportunist.’ Another would be, ‘the only difference between pizza and your opinion and pizza is that I asked for pizza’. And a final one would be, ‘nothing of me is ever original. I am the combined effort of everyone I have ever known’. At this rate, I may make a whole post dedicated to my favourite quotes J
17: Favourite actor? –
Favourite actors would be Bradley Cooper and David Tennant and for actresses would be Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway.
18: Favourite colour? –
I would say black but I guess most people think that isn’t really a colour it’s a tone/state of mind blah blah! But if I really had to pick, it would still be black. If I really really really had to pick, it would be maroon… I think
19: Loud music or soft? -
20: Where do you go when you're sad? –
The fridge and then my bedroom
21: How long does it take you to shower? –
I am really quick so like 5 minutes
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? –
i give myself an hour to get ready but i could get ready in like 15mins i guess.
23: Ever been in a physical fight? -
24: Turn on? –
Nice eyes or smile or the ability to make me smile/laugh
25: Turn off? –
Arrogant, cocky, homophobic, uncaring people. Just go away right now if you are like that.
26: The reason I joined Blogger? –
i was bored one day and wanted an alternative to YouTube.
27: Fears? –
i have an actual phobia of spiders and of death but a fear of the future
28: Last thing that made you cry? –
Stress. It was a dumb sort of crying.
29: Last time you said you loved someone? –
About a week ago or 2
30: Meaning behind your Blogger URL? –
i saw it printed on a bag and just knew that is what i wanted to rename my blog.
31: Last book you read? –
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
32: The book you're currently reading? –
Nothing at the moment but I am planning on reading the fault in our stars. If you have any book suggestions, please let me know of them in the comments section below J
33: Last show you watched? –
Switched at Birth
34: Last person you talked to? –
My niece
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? –
The last person I texted was my closest and dearest friends
36: Favourite food? -
37: Place you want to visit? –
America, France and Italy again, South Africa ... basically I am planning a round the world trip but I doubt it will happen.
38: Last place you were? –
In terms of abroad, that would be Portugal, still in the UK would be Brighton but literally the last place I was in my kitchen
39: Do you have a crush? -
40: Last time you kissed someone? –
Too tmi
41: Last time you were insulted? –
Who knows really. Probably the other day
42: Favourite flavour of sweet? –
I’m not really a sweets person but I love chocolate
43: What instruments do you play?? –
I can play the violin and the snare drum but I do play the guitar and piano
44: Favourite piece of jewellery? –
Probably my midi rings from Amazon
45: Last sport you played? –
Netball like a year ago. Does jogging count?
46: Last song you sang? –
Happy by Pharrell Williams and Let it Go by Demi Lovato
47: Favourite chat up line? –
Do you know what this shirt is made of? Boyfriend material and Are your legs hurting? You've been running through my mind all day and I'm not drunk...I'm just intoxicated by you and finally Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
48: Have you ever used it? – No I just think that they are funny.

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? –
Thursday afternoon
50: Who should answer these questions next? –
All of you reading this J

Plus, I just wanted to say that I finally made an Instragram account for my blog! I have been toying around with the idea for a while now and I finally gave in and just made one so if you would like to follow me, you can do so here: and that would really make my day.
I hope you guys liked this and found out just a little bit more about me. If there are any other tags you want me to do, be sure to leave that in the comments but, until next time internet people…

See you guys with a new post really soon!
Stay chic - A x

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