Monday, 7 April 2014

Company #Style Blogger Awards | I need your help! | Holy Chic

I bring to you a very cliché post that everyone has been writing over the past week or so but I really do need your help. I would love you forever if you could go over the COMPANY MAGAZINE website and vote for me under the category of best fashion blog (newcomer) . You are welcome to vote for me under best fashion blog too. It would honestly mean the world to me if you did but even if I don't get shortlisted,  at least I tried. 

Thank you all for your support recently and don't forget, when I reach 200 followers via bloglovin, I will be doing an advertising giveaway or maybe even one with tangible presents so follow me now for a chance to enter. 

Vote for me here: best fashion blogger newcomer:

Thank you all and until next time...

See you guys with a new post really soon!


Stay chic - A x


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