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#6monthsedit : Empties | Holy Chic

There is always a good time for firsts isn’t there J as the third and probably the last instalment of my #6monthsedit. And I thought I would share with you my empties. This also gives me the opportunity to share with you my thoughts on all the products mentioned too J

So without further ado, let’s see what I finished in the last 6 months

First up, Deodorants!

As you can probably tell, Nivea seemed to be the popular choice from travel size to full size to roll on. But I now officially love invisible deodorants and they are the ones that work best for me. The Sure one was okay but I preferred the Nivea brand. I still saw a few white specks and finally the Garnier one was actually really nice. It might come out white at first but dries invisible and is really cooling under the arm.

Removers and what not!

The Primark exfoliating wipes is definitely for a lazy girl like me. I get a bit bad with my skin care routine and this is quick easy and cheap. The makeup wipes were not so great and did nothing for me really. The Kleenex eye makeup remover wipes have been a favourite of mine for a while now and is great for travelling. It removes benefit they’re real mascara. And finally the Kleenex oil absorbing sheets are a must have for the bag

Bottled stuff

L’Oreal micellar water worked really well for me and removed my makeup as it said it would but when it gets too close to the eyeballs, it stings a little. The simple toner is really gentle on my skin and would definitely repurchase. You can tell it is purer than other toner solutions. And finally the L’Oreal eye makeup remover just wasn’t that great for me. It’s good for small sections but doesn’t remove eye makeup in bulk very well

The Hollister Laguna beach body spray took me years to finish but I loved it but at £12, I would have to think hard about repurchasing it. The innecto pure coconut hand cream is sooo good and I managed to find it again in the 99p store and that just makes my life complete again. The Colgate advance whitening toothpaste had to be thrown in because I teeth feel cleaner and look better. And finally for mascaras the benefit they’re real and the estee lauder sumptuous mascara worked great until they dried up. Sad times.

There you have it. I will be sure to do this at the end of the year too but I hope you liked this post none the less and I will see you guys with a new post really soon. Bye for now J

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