Friday, 4 July 2014

New in : H&M Haul | Holy Chic

I thought now was the right time for a mini haul on the blog seeing as it has been so long. I have picked up many things over the last few months but I have selected a few pieces from H&M to show you so I hope you enjoy.

Grey dress ( Grey Dress )

This was a really nice basic piece that I had to pick up so summer appropriate and I like the length and the fit

Shorts ( Shorts )

These were calling me from the other side of the shop and they are really comfortable and loose but not too thick of a material so that you get hot and I thought would be great for the beach

Black crop top ( Crop Top (similar here) )

I thought it was about time I owned one of these and I bought this to pair with brighter coloured bottoms or as a cover up with the shorts


And finally my favourite purchase of them all purely because it is so out of my comfort zone and bright and screams summer. I had to have it and the different strap design makes me very happy for some reason

So there you have my little H&M haul. I will be styling some of these pieces and a few others on a post coming soon so stay tuned


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  1. Replies
    1. awh thank you :) I am so happy with my items :D

  2. These items are so cute! I actually made an outfit on my latest blog post with similar sweat shorts from H&M haha.

    1. awh thank you! :) I will be sure to check your blog out :)


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