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#6monthsedit : Favourites | Holy Chic

It was definitely time for me to go back to blogging basics and throwback with a favourites post. We are already 6 months into the year which is ridonkulous but I thought I would go through my beauty favourites of the past 6 months. I will try and keep this as text little (is that even right) as possible so I don’t bore you. I will explain myself for each product in 5 words J

Cocoa butter: light, moisturising, leaves skin feeling smooth

Nspa instant blur primer: oil based, slightly dry but an amazing primer

Garnier under eye roll on: refreshes eye particularly in the morning, reduces puffiness, I look more awake

E45 cream: helped out with problem areas, very thick and greasy all over but works well applied to problem areas under primer

Palmer’s night renewal cream: thicker consistency but great as an overnight treatment for the skin

L’Oreal skin perfection: blogger craze, removed makeup really well, stung a little if I got into my eye but did a great job

Simple toner: gentle, smooth, removed oils and dirt

Kleenex shine absorbing sheet: practical, removes oils but doesn’t disturb makeup

Colossal volume mascara: great for a more natural look, adds great volume and decent length

Maybelline gel liner: easy to use, post about it here:

Benefit they’re real: great length and gives amazing lashes but a tough little bugger to get off

Mua eyeshadow, copper colour, long lasting, separates a little but think primer

Miss sporty brown eyeliner: great for a natural look, would be good for summer

Eyeko eyelash curler: gives a great curl, I LOVE IT!

Angled eyeliner brush: has made my life 10x easier, post here:

Model and co black eyeliner: works well, doesn’t last all day but does the job, cult classic


Victoria’s secret mango temptation: sweet but not sickly, lasts all day, a little on the pricy side but a must have

Parade perfume: sweet but not sickly, scent lingers and nice in the morning

Argan oil heat defence spray: reduced amount of split ends, kind to hair

Argan oil hair treatment: leaves hair shiny, soft, smooth, silky, nourishing, repairs hair

Vo5 ultimate hold hairspray: lasts all day, holds a curl, weather resistant

Acetone free remover: gentle on nails, not potent smell, healthier nails

Coco butter hand cream: thicker consistency but does the job

Inecto coconut hand and nail cream: nourishing does the jobs, smells great and I MUST GET MORE

Barry M in Mushroom: great for colder months and really natural looking

Miss sporty gold glitter: nice decal/ring finger design but annoying to take off

Company coral polish: really nice colour (must find a similar one) but chips easily and doesn’t last long but I love the colour

NYC Spring Street: gorgeous bold colour last just over a week with only tiny chips, vibrant too

Carex hand gel: east to use pump, smells nice and I have clean hands

Whoa we are finally at the end. I hope that was short and sweet enough for you guys yet enough detail about the products.

Here are some links to some of the products mentioned featured in this blog post if you are interested J

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