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Meltproof Makeup + Vacation Glow | Holy Chic

You know what guys, Olaf was right!

 But then as he goes on to say, just not today J so why let the scorching sun melt away your makeup?

Today as another instalment of #BeautyDaysOfSummer, I am going to share with you my tips on keeping your makeup in place all day as the temperature is starting to rise. So, let’s go J

Okay to begin, Primer . Apply a pea sized amount to moisturised skin and this will stop your makeup from slipping all over your face. Next, invest in a dense Concealer . This will help cover up dark circles and give and even skin tone for skin whilst being light on the face. Next, you can cover up but with a silicone based Foundation. Because it is a lightweight formula, it will act as a film between your skin and the humidity, preventing foundation from seeping into your pores or dribbling down your chin. To help apply this, use a damp Makeup Sponge. This will allow your foundation to go on lighter and sheerer. Cream Eyeshadow it out because it will crease less on your eyelids and don't smudge as much. Next, opt for a liquid Eyeliner which might take a bit more time and mastering and time to do but it wont budge in the heat like kohl eyeliner will do. Waterproof Mascara is a no brainer pretty much. Need I say anymore? Next, try a Cream Blush which will last longer on the cheeks but give the same effect as a powder blush. Next, avoid the oily face. One you could use a mattifying pressed Powder or you could use Oil absorbing sheets to remove excess oils and dirt from your face whilst keeping your makeup intact. And finally a Tinted lip balm . This will add some colour to your lips for the summer time whilst keeping them moisturised and hydrated.

So I hope you found these tips helpful and may apply them to your summer routine.

But wait, there is more. Seeing as I didn’t upload last week’s instalment, here it is J enjoy J

Vacation Glow | Holy Chic

It’s time for another #BeautyDaysOfSummer post. Sorry it is a little late today but these things happen J I guess you could say this post required a little more research than most.

Tanning isn’t just about achieving the perfect bronzed glow – well it is – but it is also about maintain it . So this is where I share some tips with you to maintain the natural sun kissed glow

First up, the In shower body moisturiser. This will help maintain moisture in your skin as tanning can really dry it out. As well as keeping you clean, it will cut out the middle man of having to moisturise. The Nivea in shower body moisturiser seems to be at the top of the list J

Next, you should always use After sun. People always think this is just for if you have burnt your skin but it can actually help maintain your tan for a lot longer. I picked out the moisturising after sun

Next, try Exfoliating before you go tanning. This will remove all of the dead skin cells on your body and allow you to be able to tan evenly over your body. My all time favourite is the palmer’s cocoa butter scrub because it smells good, lathers well in to the skin and is moisturising

Alternatively you could try a Gradual tanning lotion/tanning oils. This could help speed up the tanning process as well as enhance your natural tan. The piz buin and dove summer glow again seem to be at the top of the list for this J

And finally, Stay hydrated! No water, no sunkissed glow. Not totally true but marinating the tan requires hydration. Any water will do J

But guys always stay protected and wear sun screen, tan, don’t burn please J Nivea works well for that too

So there you have it, my tips for maintaining that vacation glow. I hope you liked it and share some of your tanning secrets in the comments below

Stay chic – Ax (
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