Monday, 3 November 2014

The multiple uses eyeshadow | Holy Chic

I think that it is time I share with you the many things that I use my MUA mono eyeshadow in black for because sometimes, all you need is the right brush

Angled: this is great for a more subtle winged eyeliner look as it really fits to the shape of my eye. It also works great if I am in the mood to fill in my eyebrows just a little

Flat: this is for application all over the lid to aid a smokey eye look. You can distribute the product more evenly and at a larger quantity at a time. Can also be used to set any liquid or gel liner used prior to application

Crease: this is great for deepening a look or making specifically the crease darker. It could also double up as a liner brush for the lid

That’s how I make the most of my £1 eyeshadow. What eyeshadow(s)/pallettes do you get the most use out of?

Have a fab day

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  1. MUA's eyeshadows are so good to say they only cost a pound! I always end up using my bronzer as an eyeshadow, I find it easy just to dust that over my eyelids...

    1. omg I do that too. I just love the colour my bronzer gives on my eyelids :) x


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