Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Farfetch Competition | From Sweat to Chic | Holy Chic

Woah there, here is a throwback post for you all today. I do miss my styling posts sometimes. Let me know if I should do more in the comments! J

Having signed up to Zumba recently at my university and making somewhat of a promise to myself to be more active in 2016, I have just been infatuated with active wear. The pretty leggings and workout trainers and the amazing detailing on sports bra (which btw I envy all of you that wear those because my big boobs just need the support), but that’s okay, at least active wear caters for all of us right?

Farfetch  got in contact to tell me about a competition they were holding which included creating a workout outfit which is perfect. It combines my new found love for active wear and fashion styling which you guys know I will never shy away from :D

So today I am bringing you a workout outfit that you can switch up different pieces to make it appropriate for day or night wear. The aim; versatility.

The base; a sports bra because gotta support the ladies. And you don’t have to compromise support with chic clothing. Work out leggings for whether it be cardio, running or yoga. A baggy t shirt because there’s nothing worse than something tight when you are hot and sweaty. And the right trainers for the job.

So you have to meet up with the girls straight after. Don’t worry I have you covered.

Boyfriend/mom jeans; they are a great day to night piece with either the trainers shown above or dress it up in the evening with some strappy heels. They are also post work out friendly as to their fit and most importantly, food baby friendly

A jacket which is great for layering with plaid shirts etc. but also works great on its own day or night.

The obnoxious scarf: a cult classic these days and great for adding some extra warmth if your day includes being outside a fair bit

The rucksack. Okay so this isn’t the most gym friendly but if you can get the gear you need in it as well as it being a day bag, go for it. As it’s a backpack, it will be out of the way whilst perhaps exploring the city. But a gym bag with a smaller side bag inside would be my next go to.

And as I said versatility is key and I think when purchasing not only “regular clothing” but work out gear, it’s important to get more for your money. All the pieces u have shown are transitional and interchangeable with each other; great in any woman’s wardrobe.

 I hope this post inspired some of you and if you are in need of workout gear or inspiration for it, why not take a peek for yourself ;)

 Until next time my loves J


  1. I would defo wear all of this! I love the dark colours and minimal style

    LaurieElle.com xx

    1. awh thank you :) i'm glad you like the post.
      thank you for stopping by x



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